Reasons to be cheerful

1. Friends

I have friends in this country that I don't see for 6 months at a time. They don't even text or phone or even email in that time. But when they do appear, usually with 2 bottles of your favourite wine and an offer to buy you dinner, it's like you were never apart. And they get me.

2. More Friends

I have Friends I confide in - in the Four Corners of the World thanks to Blogging. I might not drop in to their "crib" that often lately. But they know where I am and I am grateful to be able to call in whenever and take a break from my real world - when it get too real.

One of these days I want to be able to travel to every one of their cities and meet them personally -
maybe if my little project works out? - Kate, you might have to book me in for a cupcake and a ristretto one day soon.

For now, I will just have to settle for wearing my WendyB Teeny Genie where ever I go.

3. My lovely kids

This is a picture of my lovely Grace - who is doing so well at the moment thanks to her new school.

When I get home after a challenging day, it is nice to just cuddle up with her and play games, and tickles and pretend to be a Carnotaur (the mean dinosaur in the Disney movie)
She doesn't have that much to say, but she can tell you what she needs and that is a huge help. And sometimes it is nice to be around someone who doesn't talk so much. But who makes it very clear that she loves you.



Jen said…
That is a beautiful photo of Grace, she is very like you:) Yeah, friends, kids and blogging rock :D Jen.
Jean said…
Three excellent reasons to smile...all of them are recession proof too XXX
WendyB said…
Not only do you have great friends, but you have great friends with pink hair! That's even better than a regular old friend.
Nan P. said…
How beautiful Grace is! Just like her mum...
Make Do Style said…
I'm back. I was finishing my Grace Kelly article and thought I must read your post as you were in my radar and then after finishing the word doc I read your post straight away and commented as you can see. Then went back to my home page - my blog and you'd commented!

There are so many reasons to by cheerful xx
jazzygal said…
Friends and family....what more do we need eh?!!

A lovely pic of the Gorgeous Grace!

Hope your "project" works out!! xx Jazzy
K.Line said…
What a gorgeous girl - and Grace isn't bad either :-) You all look terrific. And how lovely to cuddle with your daughter and have calm, peaceful times.
Clive said…
All great reasons to be cheerful for sure!

Lovely photo of Gracie!
You are very lucky on all three counts.
Irish Mammy said…
Love needs no words, it's in the eyes, you can feel it especially in hugs xx
Irish Mammy said…
Meant to add you should rename her - Gorgeous Grace
Petunia said…
Honoured to call you a friend chick and hope you realise how much we all appreciate all you do for us! Fabulous pic of Gracie... she's stunning, just like her mommy :) xx
Unknown said…
Wow! Sounds you are so inspire by those lovely people around you. Hope the happiness you are in now will last. ;D By the way. It's the month of mothers here. So i would love to greet you a Happy Mother's Day. ;D

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Tricia said…
What a beautiful girl, that dark hair is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
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