Retiring for a while...

I have just passed the Irish Autism Action Baton on to the lovely Jen from The King and Eye

This is what I plan to be doing for the next few months...

Not Really, I am planning to be back here a bit more while spending a lot more time as a primary caregiver to Boo and Bratty, and preparing to focus on The Grace App.

Oh and our Mr Hammie will be running briskly walking a half marathon this Sunday 4th July along with my Sisters in Law in Number 3 of the 32 Marathons for Irish Autism Action and The Irish Cancer Society.
If you want to cheer him on he will be on Bray Seafront near The Martello Hotel from 10am. If you don't want to get out of bed but would like to help The Worlds Worst Fundraiser - here is his poorly subscribed MyCharity Link. Thanks to everyone who has already thrown in a few bob.

To sponsor my sister-in-law Maeve who lives in the U.K but is coming over especially with her husband Gary to do the run go to her much healthier Mycharity Link .

Thank you all for your messages of condolence on the passing of my Auntie Glen.

Hope to see you back here soon. xx


Jean said…
Sorry to see you take a back seat Hammie, but I'm looking forward to having Jen steer the ship too.
It's impossible sometimes to keep all our balls in the air (I'm know I'm really juvenile, but I really want to make a rude joke right now) enjoy your retirement. I shall courier some horlicks and a zimmer frame to you XXX
Jen said…
I too am sorry to see you retire, but excited to attempt to fill your very expensive shoes (I am wearing fitflops!). I hope it all goes very well Hammie:) Jen
Taz said…
We'll miss you - but we know we're in very capable hands with our Jen! And I like her style of shoe - I may convince her to give crocs a go yet!!
Petunia said…
I know you're not going to be having a quiet relaxing retirement, rather will be manically busy with the Grace App and family :) Sorry to see you leave the helm but know that Jen will do a Sterling job trying to fill your dainty choos xxx
Will be watching Grace App progress with interest and looking forward to developments. Have a lovely summer xx
jazzygal said…
No doubt you will be busier than ever Hammie! While it's sad to see you depart from your creation it will be nice to hear more from Hammie;-) I really look forward to that!

Best of luck Hammie! xx Jazzy
Nan P. said…
Somehow "retirement" and "Hammie" don't seem to fit together... I would call "refocussing", or "regrouping". Or simply "making a little detour"???

What ever you wish to call it, enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your retirement & thanks very much Hammie you have been a lifesaver the last year, as have all the bloggers. Mossy Mu xx

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