Holiday Giveaway - Mr Thorne Does Phonics iPad App

Many people are surprised to find that both my kids can read. Yes, they are autistic as the day is long but Liam has been reading, AND comprehending what he reads since he was 3.

One of Liam's favourite games when he was little was reciting the alphabet; As a Hanen exercise he would give me eye contact in return for me saying each letter. He also loved to request that I draw an animal for each letter and as a result I think I know every animal in the world that starts or includes the letter X!
When he began using picture exchange I had to make a card to represent the word "Zoo" as we were going there on a "lets stimulate some language" trip. As you can see my drawing of a lion in a cage was so bad that I knew he couldn't tell what it was - but the first time I showed it to him, he very clearly said "ZOO" - and I knew he could read.

I can also tell that Gracie knows the order of letters in the word "Elmo" and how to type them into a search engine; so it will give her a drop down box to scroll through and find a website or YouTube clip.

However - Gracie is not so hot on the sounds of letters. And she needs a lot of help with this as the Phonetics of the alphabet are very important for developing her oral motor skills and improving her articulation.

So I was delighted to see that Mr Thorne - of the very popular "Mr Thorne does Phonics" YouTube channel has developed an App for iPad.
It is basically everything that is already available on his website but with touch screen usability, ready for sharing off-line wherever and whenever you like.

I find that sharing a computer based activity is much easier with an iPad - you are not fighting for control of the mouse or touch pad and you can encourage hand on hand navigation of the pages, fading your support when needed.

Mr Thorne is a primary school teacher so he really knows his stuff and how to teach it. Unlike a mainstream classroom however,  you can tailor the lessons to suit your learner, and pause or move on to suit their pace.

It also has the all important "Blue Wiggle/Spencer/Sportacus" factor where the presenter is quite nice to look at.

I have a code for you to download Mr Thorne Does Phonics Free. 
Leave a comment and I will draw you out of an actual hat tomorrow night.

It is only 6 bucks anyway so if you like the look and you don't win, buy it anyway. Great little learning tool.


In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that Mr Thorne already gave me a free download but if I didn't like the app I would have just said nothing - ignoring all his emails. I get offered a lot of JUNK to promote on this blog and I ignore most of it. 


Would love to try this app. I am actually writing a blog entry on reading comprehension and phonic awareness.
Jen said…
W is the favorite letter in our house. Count me in the draw please? Jen
Mary said…
Thank you for the opportunity to try Mr. Thorne's app. Best Wishes.
Mary Charleton
Kautzmom said…
I'd be interested in using this app in our elementary Autism Program classroom.
DianeC said…
Would love love love this app!! I will use this at our school for extra special kiddos!!
wakefield.donna said…
I would love to try this app with my kids with autism!!
Wendy Grant said…
nice looking app. Would love to use with all my kids.
Terri McCrary said…
I work at a Pediatric Therapy Clinic and would love to try your app.
Cynthia said…
Love your youtubes, honestly so thrilled you are now in the apps. Would love to introduce your app to the therapists and kids in The Bahamas. Count me as entered.
Grace App said…
Jeanette is scooter
jen is flower
Mary is hat
Kautz is cloud
Diane C is Rabbit
Donna is Ball
wendy is tubbie toast
Terri is Grass
Cynthia is Bag
Grace App said…
Winner is Cynthia with the bag! please email
Anonymous said…
Mr Thorne has been kind enough to send it to me to play with, and we are liking it so far. Will blog it soon :)

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