spinning the wheel... for Mr Thorne Does Phonics iPad App

and the winner of the Mr Thorne Does Phonics iPad App review code is Cynthia. The icons were allocated in the comments on the previous post. Video uploaded live to Facebook. I did not have the attention span to install a randomizer widget - so I hope this unscientific method suffices!

Everyone else - buy the app! its brill.



The Seeker said…
Hammie, my dear hope all is great with you lovely. Long time no talk, but you're on my mind and live in my heart.

By the way I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog, drop by you might find it interesting and enter, thanks.

Lots of love
Anonymous said…
This is Cynthia who won the Mr. Thorne app. I am thrilled as I now won't have to juggle between the computer and the iPad, and it is much lighter to carry too!! For those of you considering the purchase, I must say i was very impressed and it is well worth it. I love the interaction, video is a nice change from animmation, and the fact that you can pause it is a plus too. It is educational fun that will delight the therapist as much as the client. Also, not too babyish for older kids. You definitely won't be disappointed. Thanks again!!!
Delighted to hear it Cynthia - congratulations xx

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