Product Review time - Boy meets G-form X-Protect iPhone 4/4s cover from Zismo

This week I tried out an alternative to the Otterbox Defender iPhone cover which I have been in love with since I first bought one 2 years ago. After 15 different types of case, and 3 very expensive repairs of 1, Glass screen 2, inner LCD screen and 3, BOTH (Liam was acting out the scene from Phone Booth where Colin Farrell smashes the handset of the phone)

I finally had a case that could be literally thrown down the stairs (and has been)

So I was intrigued to see this the link to this video on the Zismo Facebook Page 

"The folks at G-Form have brought the fury once more with a brand new case for Apple devices with a death-defying test in the hockey arena......blah blah blah...
These slim and lightweight cases act like armor to safeguard your iPhone when you need it most by momentarily stiffening to absorb over 90% of the force from an impact, and then immediately returning to their natural flexible state
This case is being released in two forms, the first being the X Protect..."

Okay, sliding around on the ice being hit by a Hockey stick is one thing, but I don't think the makers of G-Form X-protect have ever met my son:

 Yes. Those are bite marks in the hard shell cover of the Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 3Gs

The screen and shell remain intact. And the iPhone inside is also safe and sound, especially within the silicone cover that goes over the top:

Yes, that is a ding in the integrated hard screen protector that is now a feature of ALL Otterbox Defender covers for iPhone/iPod Touch and now iPad 2/3. (the integrated screen protector is a feature, not the Ding)

You see biting, dropping and dinging is a daily occurrence in our world. And while they were not designed to be used by highly energetic autistic children; the Otterbox Defender series stands up to a lot of what they can dish out.

The same cannot be said for the new "G-form X-Protect iPhone 4/4s cover" sample supplied by Zismo in Sandyford

While I am sure it would be a wonderful cover for your average clumsy punter, without integral screen protection and a shell case, it is more husband than child proof cover. (and as husband's phone is very often high-jacked by children, maybe not even that)

So for now I am sticking with Otterbox Defender.

Disclosure: I get all these covers for FREE! from Otterbox Ireland and Zismo. I also took part in a Case Study which resulted in Gracie and I appearing in a printed Advert for Otterbox.
I blag free covers all the time to use with the iPads and iPhones that are donated by the generous public as part of the Grace App sponsored "iPads4autism_ie" campaign run by my friend Val.

All of the covers are available to purchase in Ireland from Zismo of Sandyford, 12 Sandyford Office Park, Dublin 18. Or go to 
Everywhere else try Amazon or Ebay.
Zismo also gave me a bunch of charger cables to use with the donated devices too. For FREE!

And for the benefit of my potentially litigious readers:
If you choose to buy an Otterbox Defender you do so under your own free will and judgement. If anything happens it is your own responsibility and you do not have the right to leave a mean comment blaming me. Will not cause weight gain, irritability, hair loss or underwear staining. May induce gadget love.


Momx3 said…
Have to say I'm loving the otter box defender. It's small autie child proof & big aspie child proof 'score'
Anonymous said…
Are you a little bias? I see very little written about the G-Form case, it’s all about the Otterbox and giving your phone to your child to chew on. You should probably change the title of the Blog to “Otterbox is a great case for a child who likes to chew”.

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