Proof of Life - yet another iPad cover review but also an update on our lives. It's all good!

A year has passed since I wrote this blog (about that autism Taboo) and I am so happy to report that things in our home have improved so much that I am smiling right here thinking about it.

Yes we still have two Teenagers who are as Autistic as the day is long, but they have both been making such wonderful progress. They both started back at school in September and are doing marvellously.
Gracie's speech and communication has really come on with her new teacher and Liam's language is developing too. His new catchphrase is: "I Don't know" - he considers all the information you have given him and rather than ignoring the question or echoing what you just said, he says: "I don't know"
it is so sophisticated and I love it!

Technology is still a huge part of our lives and while no one is trying to bite their iPhone in half anymore we still need to invest in quality protection, rather than paying for repairs.
And good quality covers are like seat belts and airbags - they actually make us complacent about how we treat our devices..

I listen to TED talks while I am sorting washing, I am clumsy.

This is the Otterbox Defender for iPad 2,3,4 or the new iPad or whatever Apple have decided to call the bigger of the 2 iPads they sell.

It is sleek but strong with an inbuilt screen protector. The screen protector fits very close to the glass screen, so you don't get that little gap that causes a "bounce" which you get with chunkier alternatives like Griffin.
Liam can type on it as hard as he wants, and he brings it to the respite house with him once a month.

Liam having breakfast at the respite house with his iPad and Samsung Note II in Otterbox Defenders. 
Grace can carry it around with a juice in one hand and drop it and it will not come to any harm. Just last night I heard a loud clunk as she dropped it on to the floor in the room above. She just picked it up and kept watching her Oswald video.
And I can use it before I have had my coffee.....

Their earlier versions did suffer from a rather pickable silicone cover but with each update this has got tighter. It is my absolute favourite cover for the iPad2 that my husband and my kids use all the time. It's also available for iPad mini and comes in a range of pretty colours. If your kid (or husband) is a picker, I recommend covering it with a chatbag to eliminate temptation.

While this case is perfect for all our needs, I have always wanted something a bit sleeker and prettier for *my* iPad. However, whenever I go "commando" with a slimmer case I'm always nervous about one of the kids getting hold of it. And as I've explained the better covers have made us complacent.
So when I heard that Otterbox were now doing the Lifeproof range of cases, I got straight on to Katriona at Otterbox Cork to nag ask for one to review.

Now Otterbox do not sponsor or pay me, they just donate cases to the campaign and give me pretty cases to use when I'm doing my Grace App Workshops.

So if I am not going to go out of my way to torment our devices in order to test them out, I break my iPad doing something stupid, it's me who will have to pay for repairs.
All our iPad covers are just subjected to a week of normal use - but it is *our* kind of normal.

And Lifeproof is just that, Life Proof.
Firstly a warning: It is designed to be watertight - so once you get this on you will never take it off again. I set mine up with the wrong 3G sim inside and then spent 25 minutes trying to get it off to change the sim. There are full instructions inside the box on how to put on/off and a waterproof test plate. Mine only needs to be splash proof so I didn't bother with that.

Lifeproof iPad cover, now available for iPad, iPhone 4 and 5 in CompuB nationwide and online

The screen is naked - but the cases seals all the way around the edges very firmly and it is unpickable.

All the volume/mute buttons are accessible and just as useable. 
The camera hole is the best ever; protects against contact while still giving a perfect view.

They have even managed to improve the sound - important if you are using a sound generating App or watching TEDx videos while you fold underpants.

And the charging Outlet is also protected when not in use.

I haven't taken this to the pool to test it yet but let's face it in relation to the waterproofness in Autism World, we are not talking about taking our iPads or iPhones swimming - we are talking about bringing them into the BATHROOM. My kids are both fully toilet trained. But a device would have made this so much easier. For keeping them in there, for teaching them the steps to good hygiene and for a reward if they "produce" anything.

You need to be prepared; and while an iPad will not fit down the s-bend, it will be most likely be left on the side of the bath, sink or you know, within the "splash zone."
An iPhone will go all the way into the bowl (ask my sister if you don't believe me) So when I got the Lifeproof iPhone 4 case today I put it in a bowl of water.

As you can see, when I opened the case there was not a drop inside. There are some great videos online with people surfing and swimming.

They are also drop proof - I made a video of doing that:

A waterproof cover like this will give you peace of mind. It is not cheap - the iPad 2,3,4 cover is about €139 and the iPhone covers run at €89 but that is the cost of at least one repair and as they say in the credit card commercials, the Peace of Mind is Priceless.

Available at CompuB nationally and online by the end of this week - order now!

My thanks again to the lovely Katriona at Otterbox.

edited to include the dunking of my iPhone case 13/11/2013


Delighted to read the good news and thanks for the reviews…I know I will find them useful to share with others :)
jazzygal said…
Wonderful news about Liam and Grace....made me smile reading it!
Great reviews, will share too :-)

xx Jazzy

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