Monday, January 20, 2014

UCC Commerce Conference Cork

On Thursday I will be speaking at the 32nd Annual Business Conference in Hayfield Manor Cork:

The theme of this year’s conference is focused around the 'brain drain', entrepreneurship and innovation. I am going to be talking about how the one degree of separation between everyone in Ireland has helped me to become a Social Entrepreneur.

The full line up: 

1. Barrie O’Connell - KPMG
2. Dan Kiely - CEO of Voxpro
3. Bill Liao - Coderdojo
4. Cullen Allen - Cully & Sully
5. Dee O' Leary - IDME
6. Lisa Domican - Grace App

If you are interested, I believe there are still tickets available so contact them through Facebook or by email

Hope to see you there.


ps. I'm not sure they realise I'm not from Cork. So don't let on!

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jazzygal said...

Hope it went well for you, I'm sure you wowed them all!

xx Jazzy