Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just for FUN! making World Autism Day a REAL Rollercoaster ride with Amaze Autism Victoria

Some people have been known to describe parenting as a bit of a Rollercoaster, you climb up up up and then whoosh! zoom down into a dip then up again for another slog.

Autism parenting is no different, its just that the dips can be a little more challenging and you might have to work a bit harder to climb up..

But boy, when you have a win it is truly Amazing!

Amaze the autism support charity I volunteer with in my home state of Victoria recognise this and have come up with a unique way to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day in Melbourne on Sunday 6th April:
By hiring out an entire Amusement Park for 2 hours, just for families of people with Autism.

The ASD community and its supporters will have access to historical Luna Park from 9am to 11am.

Tickets are just $10 per person and include entry and unlimited rides. This is a saving of over $25! 
There will also be a Dove release in O’Donnell Gardens at 11am to mark World Autism Awareness Day and celebrate individuals with ASD.
To make it even more enjoyable, Amaze have prepared a downloadable Social Story to explain the expectations and steps to going to the park. See, this is why I love Amaze!

You can download the Social Story PDF directly to print or store on your device her

I have great memories of Luna Park. We would pass the "big mouth" going to and from my Nana's house on the Mornington Peninsula and I would always look out of the car window excitedly at that huge rollercoaster that surrounds the park. 35 years later I can imagine the smells of donuts and dagwood dogs, the sounds of the squeals and the feeling of the hessian bag you sat on to go down the big slide.

This it may be something that many people with ASD and their families have never dared to try before. This event gives you the chance to experience this iconic Melbourne fun fair in the company of a supportive group of people.

World Autism Awareness Day is a United Nations Gazetted Day to recognise individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is on 2 April each year and Amaze runs an event close to this date for the Victorian ASD community.

There will be specific accommodations to suit the Autism community and Luna Park will be:
*Quieter than usual – with the sound turned down or off
*Lighting will be subdued
*Staff and volunteers will be ASD-aware and supportive of those attending
and A quiet area will be provided indoors

*Rides can be stopped in case of need
*From 9am to 11am Luna Park is exclusively for our WAAD event and closed to the general public
*Greatly discounted entry prices

For further information and to purchase tickets please visit the Amaze event page HERE!

I realise that this is only going to be of interest to my Victorian readers but I am sharing it here in order to inspire others to perhaps facilitate similar plans for an inclusive event.

Have an event planned?  World Autism Day belongs to all of us and it should be celebrated in a way that includes all of us. Please get in touch if you want me to share yours on

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