Getting to know Cahir

I have been getting to know Cahir this month, via his Mum’s facebook page. I will let her introduce him: 

"Cahir is 7 years old he is non-verbal and has Autism. Cahir has no danger awareness and for 7 years we have lived in the world of Autism.  If Cahir spends one minute in the care of another person he comes with an information leaflet of do’s and don’ts:

Cahir can have these crisps, Cahir can have chicken, Cahir can’t have milk or dairy, Cahir can’t be left in a room unattended, don’t let him near water...

 My family and close friends all know Cahir’s Autism. 

You find that that’s all anyone knows about Cahir including me is what we can’t let him do.

Most days all I ever do is get through the day making sure the doors are locked and keeping him safe hoping when we put him to bed for the night that he will sleep…….

It’s April Autism Awareness/Acceptance month and I had no energy left

I wanted to do something for Cahir and I thought instead of posting facts and slogans about Autism and how it affects my son, why don’t I get to know Cahir?

Take this time and look past the Autism past the “he can’t do this”  and really get to know him,

and I discovered a funny wee man that rules the house; the things he does amazes me.

His personality shines through everything else and I never took the time to really look at him before this month has shown me Cahir and as family and friends are getting to know him so am I and I’m loving it."

Kathleen Coyle, Donegal, Ireland.

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Anonymous said…
Kathleen what a wonderful project and result. My situation is quite similar to yours and I empathize with your fears and exhaustion! But its fantastic to get time to get to know the child and I am trying to use the holidays as effectively as possible. Thanks for the great idea.