Happy Happy to you!

This year, Gracie is saying "Happy" when prompted to give a seasonal greeting.
So Happy Happy to all my friends and supporters. It has been a huge year for me and my company.  A lot of hard graft but also a lot of lovely feedback and that is what keeps me going on the difficult days.

My lovely Gracie is doing great at the moment, lots of unique requests* and interaction. Lots of giggles and fun so we have nothing to complain about.
Liam has made a huge list of DVD box sets that he wants. Like everyone, Santa was a little bit short of cash this year but he managed to find a few of them and a few surprises too.

To make it easier on parents, Santa, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents or really cool supportive friends who want to help you get the gift of independent communication, you can now get Grace App for €20 or $25 which is the average value of an iTunes Gift Card, for the next few days.

Even if you don't have a device yet, you can download the app on your iTunes account and use it when you do. (if you are in Ireland, go here for a great way to get a device)

And have a Happy Happy from all of us. xx

*You can see what she is up to on my Facebook page each day.  (I'm also doing a giveaway so go like it)



Seeker said…
Wishing you a Happy Happy Christmas, may the Spirit of God fulfill your home and your beloved.
Many Blessings my dear and much love your way.
Missing you....
K.Line said…
Merry Christmas Lisa! I'm sure you're going to have a great time with your lovely family. I wish you a year ahead of spectacular communication. xo
Clive said…
Wishing you and yours a HAPPY HAPPY too!!!

It's really great to read how well Gracie is doing.

Here's hoping 2012 is a really good year for all of you!
Lisamaree said…
Thanks Folks, same to you xx
jazzygal said…
And a Happy happy right back to you and your lovely family! Fantastic news about Gracie :-)

I hope 2012 is good to you and your company.

xx Jazzy