Grace App 3.1 - This changes EVERYTHING!

Just in time for our 6th Birthday, Grace App 3.1 is here in the iTunes App store.

Grace App now has Category editing, adding and sorting to truly personalise the App to the user:

"Category folders contain a selection of pre-loaded images. Users can add their own images using the camera or access any saved and stored images in their photo library, including images saved from the web.

All images can be labeled with text, deleted, or rearranged to suit the individual user. The latest update includes the ability to add new Category folders, with a selection of your own photos. All Categories can be rearranged and renamed as required. Detailed instructions are available in the Guide to Grace App at"

If you own it already, just go to the App store and check for the update, then install.

And if you love it, please leave a review on iTunes, go on, go on, GO ON!

If you have been thinking about getting it, go and download it now!

Minimum iOS is 8 for the update. However if you have an older device, you can still download Grace App 2.0 (which I liked very much)

Here are some of the lovely folders that our Beta testers have created for their Grace App:

Make Grace App Yours - with what matters to you.

Knowing exactly where you are going can really help with anxiety

Make up folder, because girls with autism grow up into young women with Autism who may like make up!
The Grace App Manual has also been updated. You can download it on Scrib'd or email and ask for a copy on PDF.

Thanks to Steve Troughton-Smith once again for keeping Grace App looking beautiful.