Is ABA a therapy for Life?

ABA is not a therapy for Autism.
It is a behavioural science.
If a teacher with 30 pupils is using pairing and reinforcement to teach her class the national curriculum, then she is using ABA.
If a so-called aba tutor in an unrecognised so-called aba school is giving a young adult a task based on something that is; 1. not of any interest to them,
2. that does not take into account their previous skills level,
and 3. is not functionally valid, then that is not ABA.

It is not the classroom, or the age of the pupil or the tutor or even the curriculum that determines it, it is whether it is based on the foundations of behavioural science.

I was at the Red Door conference and I had an issue with the new buzzword of
"Person Centred Planning" that was coming up in some lectures.

Hang on while I put on my lycra body suit........

If the person that the planning is being centred around is assessed to determine their skills base, That is ABA. Power of "establish a base line"

If the planning is based on the person's interests and skills, call on "power of pairing"

If the planning is based on what is important and rewarding to that person, and those things are identified and used to get them to increase desired behaviours and decrease inappropriate behaviours, then that is the power of Tailoring and Reinforcement! (Kapow!)

If the person's environment is taken into account, and the planning takes into account the function of the behavior being planned for, and ensures it is relavent to their independence in that environment, call on "Functional Validity" (Whammo!)

And if all the planning that takes place is broken into the steps needed to teach that person to manage the tasks themselves, than that is "TASK ANALYSIS" (Biff)
get them to learn the steps forwards, letting them do the first step while you complete the task, then the second ...= Forwards chaining (BAM!)
or, Do everything then let them finish the last step = Backwards chaining (Biffo!)

and if you take records and ACTUALLY read and use those records to develop more person centred programme planning, then that is Data analysis.KERBAM! WHammo! and KERPOW!(sound of hissing noise........)xx

Yes, I copied this from my last post on rollercoaster but, hey I have been busy. I have 2 kids with ASD you know!!
(I know, that old excuse again, groan......)



Unknown said…
Hammie, Ive been trying for a long time now to sit down and read your blog from start to finish. Have done so this evening, kids glued to dvd happy days. Its absolutely brilliant and so informative. It would have answered a lot of things for me pre diagnosis. Congrats on supernanny's visit, well done. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to many. Hope 2008 brings you and yours lots of happiness. Well done, delitedmum xx
Lisamaree said…
Thanks Lulu, that is really kind. And it is exactly what I want to achieve; to answer the "things". Trouble is when we are pre or mid diagnosis, we are not sure what to ask and once we get past an issue, most of us really just want to forget about it. I hope I can keep delving back and remembering what I needed to know, hopefully with all of your help; I will.
Unknown said…
brilliant, bravo, touche, all that, you rule, the best blog ive seen in a while, can i link it to my site?
Lisamaree said…
Can I see your blog Annie? your link isn't coming up on blogger. You might have it blocked?