Mum's the Word (Hammie gets outed)

Irish Times Magazine, Saturday March 1st 2008.

By Catherine Cleary.

A feature on 5 Mums (one of which was me).

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She writes

"I have been among the mammies of Dublin, walking around in the winter gales. Our faces are set against the wind, sensible hats shoved down on our heads. Men in suits walk by under their oversized golf umbrellas.

It is not possible to carry a golf umbrella and push a buggy."

She used to be "another Catherine Cleary" as a photographer said. A serious journalist and published author, writing about Victims of Murder and the darker side of Irish Life

Now she is the new improved version. Still writing about important issues, but snatching the time to do so when her sons are asleep. Juggling and stretching and trying to do it all, like the rest of us.

Thanks Catherine. xx


Anonymous said…
You do scrub up well Hammie, you yummy mummy you. Must have missed you in a newspaper when I was away. You have 2 lovely looking kids. It's amazing how we conjure up a picture of someone we haven't seen and then they look nothing like what we imagined. You have just proven that..not that you didn't look amazing in my imagination...
Anonymous said…
You look fabulous hammie, as do your kids. I would say the cliche they're lucky to have you but its also the other way around. Your lucky to have them.
You are such an inspiration. So many people look up to you, me included.
Keep up the good work
tabatha said…
OMG!! how did I miss this, brill article and your only gorgeous. :)
Well done you and the kids are stunners.