News from the Wicked Woman

That's me by the way. A bit of a slack blogger but I will make it up to you as soon as the babies go back to school.
They are both doing special needs swim camp this week. 45 minutes a day of 1-1 swimming lessons in a lovely pool. They have a few other auties and some kids with Downs in their group and Bratty has been enjoying socialising at the end of class. They play ring-a-rosies at playtime and the more social kids are giving her eye contact and pretty much demanding she interact with them. And she loves it.

And of course the D.S. kids are remembering names, saying hello and goodbye and generally reminding me that not all kids ignore you while reciting the script of Marg Vs The Monorail.........


That is Boo's painting of the monorail.

Bratty is more social than Boo, but because of her needs she rarely gets to mix with any other kids.
Goal for the new year; get a few play dates for Bratty.

Boo has been improving his swimming everyday too, and has the same teacher as this time last year. And the Best Part?

All the staff have told us just how much the kids have improved all round. I told them about the change of school and they said they could all tell!

(And this after 3 weeks of no-school degeneration and boredom!!)

We have been attending these camps for about 3 or 4 years now so it really means a lot when they tell you something like that. And imagine how great they will be at the next camp when they have been in school for a full term??

As for Moi? I sit in the spectator area and eat Kinder Buenos, mm mmm. So nice to have someone else doing all the work in the pool for a change.

And now:

My friend the seeker has awarded me the above kudos. I feel unworthy but as I need a lift am very very happy to accept it. It makes up for the fact that Jessica Kingsley Publishing rejected my book proposal yesterday :( having thought about it for 6-8 weeks.

The rules state that I have to pass it on to 5 blogging buddies, including one new one.

I just love these little rituals as it shows what an inclusive and affirmative community the blogosphere is. Only today did I meet another Irish blogger (from across the border) who came to visit me via a fashion site in New York, who I found via several fashion blogs including this one from Southern California which had crossed the Pacific Ocean from my G.B.F.B.F

So I am passing it forward to;
K-Line in Canada in the hope that it will help her in her quest for inner and outer health,
Sal in the Great Midwest, USA. Another quester who also finds time to wear pink pants.
Pearl in San Fran, USA, Stay at home new Mum, with a will and a wit
Nick of Downsdad, a brother soldier

And my newest visitor
Sharon of The Voyage

And now I have to go recite some more of Marg and the Monorail. This post has taken ages as all that linking meant I did a lot of reading .....



Seeker said…
Oh dear I'm so glad that the kids seem enjoying swim camp and that people there found they have improved. How great!!!

My dear you absolutly deserve this award, and I'm glad it made you feel warmer, despite the bad news of your book proposal. But new oportunities will come darling, you'll see.

By the way I'm so sorry that I haven't helped you with linking as I've promised you I would do when I would come back. I think that now you don't need my help, but feel free to tell me if you still want it.

Love dear, all the best
K.Line said…
Thank you for this great gift H! I think you are entirely deserving of it, btw, and I'm only sorry that the wretched book woman didn't bite. I can only assume it's because there's something more appropriate around the corner...

Also, how great that your kids were enjoying themselves while you got to rest for a bit. And how super that the instructors can see the improvement in them. That must make you feel so great!
Elizabeth said…
All very deserving awardees!

Isn't it nice to hear that Boo and Bratty are coming along? How wonderful.
Nick McGivney said…
Wicked AND evil, Hammie. Don't forget the evil. I still haven't completed your last meme - so far I've only got 2/6 things I like. Maybe I'll just Finish it in a rush with Zoolander, Dodgeball, Starsky & Hutch and Meet the Fokkers. Did I leave anything out?

What's this now, Blogging Friends Forever? I don't like ANY of you people! I get paid 5c by Microsoft for every comment. Didn't you guys get that email?

Really chuffed re B&B by the way. As Tesco has hammered into us, every little helps. Any hunks passing by the pool while you're lounging with the banana daiquiris and the Kinder Buenos?

Also, we will talk re JKP. Two heads have to be better than one etc.
Sesame said…
JKP is the one losing out here Hammie..please don't give up on the idea..Great to hear the kids have improved so much, long may it continue..
ATenorio said…
Awww shucks, thank you Hammie!! I am touched =) I think I may even be motivated to get off my butt and start posting again.
jazzygal said…
Great news about the swimming, so glad they're enjoying. It's the only pool I know that does the special needs swim. we enjoyed it when we did it before.
I also heard yesterday that the football club in cabinteely is going to set up training for special needs progressive of them. So, take that Dreamworks!

pity about the book. There's more than 1 publisher though so don't give up! Did you folk in Greystones get a visit from the man who wrote about the Dublin/Monaghan bombings?? He's a print & TV journalist who published the book himself. He had to because he named and shamed people so no-one would take it on. Nor would bookshops. So he went around the houses knocking on doors and selling it for what he could get!! Great book, shocking story BTW. Of course I'm not suggesting you do that!! But where there's a will you'll find the way!xxV
swimming is such a good activity. it has literally saved my body from the brink of degeneration.
I'm so happy your kids are better and people have noticed!
Kinder bueno... mmmm...
I bought a kinder surprise the other day. Lemme just say - the toy was a LOT less complicated than I remember.
Sister Wolf said…
Many masterpieces were published after initial rejections. Your book will be published. I feel sure of it. No one else writes like you!

Lisamaree said…
Seeker, you are so kind to me, thankyou.
K-line- saving a catch up of all you have been up to tonight. I love that they think my kids are great. Hooray for being the good mammy for a change!
enc. thankyou for your blog. My day isn't complete without it.
Nick, the vending machine is limited to Evian and diet coke. As for the hunks in the pool; yes but they make me feel like I should be in jail; Too Young and Justin Timberlakey.
Sesame, keep stickin' it to da man yerself.
Pearl, Don't forget to follow the rules and award 5 of your favourite blogs. Keep posting up pics of that beautiful child too.
Jazzy, thanks but I want a huge advance so I can build my house in a field next to the order of deaf nuns and start standing up to Bratty! But you are good to think of encouraging me. I love that cabinteely are starting a special needs club. See Special needs is the new aubergine!
Ms Wombat; me too. Putting my face in the water and exhaling out all my rage is the one thing that keeps me this side of sane. And it tires the kids out too!
Kinder surprise was more complicated and very swallowable in the past. But if you are nostalgic for the toys try ebay. Coming from Autism World; I know that there is a nerd out there collecting stuff like that right now, waiting to sell.
Sis, you are my idol! I promise to keep trying. And if I succeed I will be demanding to do a reading at Your local Barnes and Noble.
Seeker said…
You hadn't this drawing...
How cute!!!!!
Kids have been drawing mommy ;) am I right?
Sooooooo cute.

Lisamaree said…
Boo painted the monorail (with encouragement to get him out from behind the laptop) and then he insisted I draw the characters. We had a lot of fun searching for pictures to copy and then cutting them out.
Then he used the craft scissors to cut his hair! Don't worry. The quiff is intact. Just a few bald patches at the back....
Anonymous said…
Ack! How did I miss this? You are the sweetest, Hammie. Like blackbelt level sweet. You just made my day. And it's only 6:15 a.m. in these parts! Gonna be a rollicking good Friday ...

I'll pass along the goodwill as soon as I can.

Sharon McDaid said…
My drawing abilities have improved in the past few years from non-existent to passably good, at least as far as drawing Thomas trains and other select characters of interest to a little autistic boy.

Thanks for the BFF thing. Very sweet of you.