Thankyou, for the hits and more....

Firstly, Happy 10,000th hit to me! I tried so hard not to check it today (so it wouldnt be me) and got lost somewhere between 9971 and 10,003. Whoever was 10,000th there is 10K in a brown envelope....
No sorry, but if you were 10,000th, a packet of Tim Tams is on their way to you if you leave a comment.

I would like to thank most sincerely my loyal readers and all of the fascinating, funny, intelligent and very very pretty blogs that I have on my blog list, whom I know send me hits via their mountain of readers. Of course, it's not just about hits, but about the spread of awareness. So next time one of us Autie Mums (or Dads) is struggling to get on a bus; maybe one of you will be there to help out, Because YOU KNOW what autism is.

I also want to thank my blogrollers for the company these long wet "summer" holidays.
Having kids with high needs really means not going anywhere most days. Having Bratty playing the Diva for the last 4 weeks has limited even our usual outings to places where I can manage two of them at once. So it has been pretty lonely.
Without all my lovely bloggies, floggies and sploggies (Special needs bloggers, another Hammieonic) I would have been talking to the walls. Seriously, without the likes of DrWende stretching my brain muscles, I think my mind would be as out of shape as my big butt. (Fit Flops don't walk themselves you know)

And you guys are there at all hours too. Last night when Bratty was just winding up to go stella; the little blue google envelope came up with a new comment from Sal, sending me hugs.

Then I took Bratty out to the car for some time out (we don't drive anywhere)
and NanaP, was there on my Iphone*, with a big virtual shoulder to lean on.

I tell ya, just when you think the world has fallen apart, and religion is meaningless, good people just start showing up on the internet and make it all alright again.

And where would I be without my virtual sister? If ever there is an arse that needs kicking, she will be there.

Thankyou all of you.

This isn't the post I set out to write, but it is the one that has launched itself onto the keyboards.
Thankyou of course to the people who just read and comment or even tell me in person (Hammie Who? I say) and to those of you who inspired the blog in the first place. My little domain, my kingdom, my self expression and my chaise lounge of self analysis. Thankyou to Mr Hammie for encouraging me, and for Not Reading it. (so I don't get embarassed)

And most of all, thankyou to the two funny little people who continually inspire me and give my life purpose: Boo and Bratt-gelina.

And now I have to go and draw Po (See above)

*The very nice people at O2 phone company have loaned me an Iphone to test with Bratty. She uses the touch screen to request and we use it for Social Stories. It's working very well, and yes, I do check my mail on it. xx


Nick McGivney said…
Yeah, 10k IS important, but of course I am ten - 007, debonair and super-smooth international man of mystery.

Well done on the badass stats there Hammily. You are the much read.
Nan P. said…
And thanks to You Hammie, for the plug,... and the laughs.

My shoulder is always there, if i can borrow yours from time to time. ;-)

Big Hug (if I may)

Nan P
Cathal's Mammy said…
Roll on 100,000 hits..

By the way, did you steal my mother? Ahh, ok, you can borrow her from time to time, just make sure we get her back in one frenchie piece
Anonymous said…
I am afraid the 10 000 one was well as the 9995 to 10003 (was looking for the stims entry and got lost a bit). Not altogether sure I deserve the
Tim Tams under those circumstances least not more than any other parent on the board.
Thank You for being You,
Lisamaree said…
V; as the woman who sent a care parcel of Prada when my suitcase was stolen; You so deserve the Timmies and I already know where you live. Look out for them next week.
(the shoes didnt fit my feet but they sure filled my broken heart)
Nick, Nan and Cathal, I am so lucky to know you guys. We are going to have many more laughs I know. And thanks C/mammy for lending me your mammy.
jazzygal said…
Congrats Hammie! 10,000hits...Wow!! That publisher hasn't a clue!
Go celebrate with a glass of wine, you deserve it. And don't apologise for having it either!
You work SO hard with and for your kids you need to wind down whenever you can.

You're right to keep an eye on the vino intake though....I go through that too from time to time. Don't give yourself a hard time about it though!

As regards Bratty, you had such a difficult choice to make. No-one wants to medicate their child. I think that maybe the meds will enable her to be calm enough to be able to learn. Then she can make the most of what her new school has to offer. And like you say you can always reduce.
It's like I've said's so hard being pushed down a road you're not sure you should follow AND we are so reliant on the advice of professionals. we have to trust our own judgement too.

You're doing a great job get lots of hugs from me too! It's a pity Blogsphere doesn't allow you send a daily heart to someone like BeBo does! You'd have 10,000 of them by now too!! Vxx
Skye said…
Happy ten thousandth hit! Hoping there are a bazillion more so you keep on writing away...
~Tessa~Scoffs said…
Found you thru K-Line. My middle son is on the spectrum as well. I plan to stop by often.
Sister Wolf said…
I love that we can genuinely bond across cyberspace. Few things are better than making a friend. xo
Anonymous said…
Damn it DAMN IT...I thought they might be too big but was afraid to ask...I am sure you found a good home for them :)
bronwyn said…
Well done Hammie and congrats....thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog, your support encourages me to keep at it, and I'm glad to have met you, even if it has had to be in cyberspace.
Seeker said…
Congrats my dear for the 100,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooooooo glad I've meat you, thank you so much for all your kind and nice words on my blog.

You're a woman that I actually admire, for been brave and lovely.

Thank you for your love and cup of tea, YOU are my cup of tea!!!!

congratulations! that's an amazing effort. some days just drag on and on and i can't imagine how hard it would be to keep up the blogging but I'm so glad you are!
heres to another billion hits!

p.s. your words are too good for paper anyway. they deserve to be enshrined in teh internets for all to read.
Elizabeth said…
I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we are glad to be here for you.