Diamonds and Pearls

I am approaching my 100th Postday and have been doing a bit of blog housekeeping, adding a few gadgets and such. I find I need to pass on a couple of awards I have collected recently from my blog buds Seeker and Skylark:

Seeker gave me the "sense" of the award, it means Closeness, to bring us all closer. And how appropriate that I should receive it twice within a couple of days, from not just opposite sides of the world, but opposite oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) and opposite hemispheres.

Skylark and Seeker are both fashion bloggers, one is pulling out her summery frocks and enjoying an early warm spring, and the other is looking forward to wearing the gorgeous autumn wardrobe she acquired on a recent trip to the mainland.

They also share an ability to philosophise and for me they are a daily read.

Seeker also gave me this award: A girls best friend indeed!

Now I have to pass on my butterflies and jewels to these lovely blogs, who can pass it on to some more. And yes, some of you already have them but who says you can't get more than one gift?

My Daily Pearls:

The toned and gorgeous enc. from Observation Mode who not only challenges my understanding of what is fashion, but also taught me to Link!

Wendyb a talented bespoke jeweller and blogger who put her talent to work to help out a fellow blogger; Nie Nie Some of us say "I wish there was something I could do". She did it. Click on the link to donate and help.

The delicious and delightful Super Kawaii Mama whose gives me the inspiration to be a special mama who also looks Hawt. I bought a pair of sixties patent leather pumps today in a real vintage shop and even before I paid for them, I wanted to send you a photo Super K!

For some very clever collections of fashion, often past, but also present and future Click on Browyn and Fashionability. I love the way she collates, Be sure to scroll down to the post on past Vogues, to see what I mean. Breath taking.

For Kristin of the smart and witty K-line who not only charms and inspires me but also knows how to drive a good bargain. And Get Free Stuff! She always takes the time to read all of my loooong posts and encourage me to keep going. A real empath. thankyou.

And yes I have an award for you too Beautiful. Not just because you always call me Beautiful but because you are helping so many other women discover their real beauty. And because so many women punish themselves in the pursuit of this, it is truly a matter of life and death. Of course I am talking about Sal and Already Pretty

Finally, because I haven't yet got around to creating an original "avenging angel" award as promised, I will pass these on to my Blogsister, my guardian angel, my chopstick purveyor and the Goddess of Household Accidents: Sister Wolf . If you want to have a bitch about something, go and sit by her.

Okay, that's Post number 98.

Thankyou and Goodnight!



Seeker said…
What a nice and friendly post full of the closeness spirit, my dear.
And it's so curious that you've received this from so opposite places, as if you're a converge point, if I can make my point.

Thank you for your always so kind words about me.

The blogs that I know that you've chose are great, the ones I don't I'll try to check them.


(I just realize you are calling me your "guru", thank you my dear, but... am I worth of it????? I feel too small for that.)

Elizabeth said…
Wow, what flattery, Hammie!

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards.

I'm so happy to be in your company, and the company of these other bloggers. For the first time ever, I know every blog on the recipient list, because I've been reading all these blogs for months!

Hooray for all!
Sister Wolf said…
Here's my acceptance speech: Forging bonds across cyberspace is a joy like no other. Falling in love with Hammie...well, it truly was finding my other Sister, the one who's not a cunt! Thank you so much!
Skye said…
Yay for blogging awards - they are such a nice thing, aren't they?

PS. Thank you for you offer of an open ear if needed, much appreciated!
Anonymous said…
You glorious woman. Could you BE a more loving human? I think not. Thank you, beautiful, for being such a kind and wise and inspirational friend. I am grateful for you!
bronwyn said…
Ooooh....thank you dear Hammie, congrats on the awards....and thank you so much for making my day by passing them on to me :)
Candice DeVille said…
Thank you so much Hammie. (I'm quite behind this week) And I'm really looking forward to seeing those pumps. Photos please!