You've been tagged......

I have been tagged by the delightful enc. of Observation Mode to tell you 11 little things about me, namely my favourite:

1.Clothes Shop:

Hmm, a toss up between the Trinity Hospice Shop in Bayswater and The UK Cancer Research Shop on The Kings Road in Chelsea.

2. Furniture Shop:

I love Ashford Antiques, Ashford County Wicklow.
Pretty things from old farmers houses mostly. I got the table I work at now because someone had fixed it, ruining it's antique value. When I need something I am a good cash buyer. When I don't need something I have to avert my eyes when I drive past....


It has become Kinder Bueno.

I am afraid I fell out with Tim Tams as I did with anything I ate the day before I got my middle ear infection. INCLUDING WINE! Nothing like a big dose of nausea and dizzyness to put you off your treats.



Once upon a time and maybe some day again in the future. When I am a jetsetter.

5. Drink:

Green Tea or Diet Coke.

That was the sound of the economy of Bourgogne and Champagne crashing.

6. Music: Bollywood Film Tunes.

7. TV Series:

Anything with either Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.


Cinema Paradiso

I went to Cefalu, one of the towns used in the film, in 2003 with my Bella Bambina. They loved her.

10. Workout:

Why Greystones is called Greystones....

The walking path this evening...... (taken on an iphone but quite arty regardless)

It was swimming, but I am back to walking down to Greystones Harbour and back until my ears recover. And it is too cold for Fitflops so I am considering those hideous MBTs. Blerch.

10. Pastries: Chocolate Brownie from Butlers Pantry , in Greystones Village; when I deserve it.

11. Coffee: a Cadbury's chocolite, with a shot of fresh espresso from our Gaggia Doppio.

There, that was fun and put off for another day the dreaded Step II of The Twelve Steps to being a Special Parent.

Step I was here. Step II will be here by Thursday, I promise!!

Now to tag some others for this fun. (go on it's a free post for ye')

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Till next time Homeys.



Cathal's Mammy said…
I've I Love Your Blog you back!!! And now I find another one???? God damit it, I'll never get to do any writing at this stage.... chocolate with coffee, yummy!!
Seeker said…
Great to know more about you ;)
Kinder Bueno, Chocolate Brownie, hot chocolate with coffee... you're teasing me Ms Hammie lol
Now I will have an insonnia thinking of something with chocolate that I don't have LOL

Oh, Bollywood Films I haven't seen one for so many many years... I remember they were always with nice singings.

And I wish I could go, one day, visit Sydney.

Anonymous said…
Seriously, Hammie, explain to me when you do NOT deserve a chocolate brownie.
K.Line said…
You are fascinating! I know you love Sydney (gorgeous city that it is) but do you also enjoy Dublin?
Elizabeth said…
Diet Coke is the drink of champions.

(Thanks for doing the tag, Hammie! I learned many lovely things about you.)
Skye said…
I hope your ears (and the weather) improve sufficiently for many fine Hammie adventures very soon.

Timtams are highly overrated in my opinion, so you will be fine without them...
Hammie: This was fun!! Your list makes my 11 answers seem so boring. I feel like I have learned so much about you. And, I would love a shot or two out of your Gaggia Doppio. Your choice of coffee sounds delicious.
Sister Wolf said…
Oh shit, I wanted to say what Sal said, damn her. Okay, how about this: When I get rich, I'll take you to Sydney!
jazzygal said…

Thanks Hammie! Another idea for a post to write. Lets hope I can get the chance to sit at the computer long enough to do it!

I do like those things that make you happy type posts....really makes you feel good thinking about the nice things in your life. Especially if you've had a bad day, or week.

I didn't realise I can double up and send awards to the same people! I really must find some time to do this! I must also figure out HOW to do it!!

Thanks again Hammie...I really do hope you recover from your aversion to wine soon!! ALWAYS deserve a chocolate brownie.XXX Jazzy
Andrea Eames said…
Your favourite coffee sounds amazing ... mmm. :)
Make Do Style said…
Oh thank you - I know I'd done it almost simultaneously. Such a fun tag. I don't spend any money anymore but I still have to take people shopping argh!!

I wanted to put water as my fav drink but I knew I'd have to come clean or be outed as a lush!
Nan P. said…
Ah well now, Hammie, you have done it again... AGAIN!

And I'll have to think, and think (... AGAIN!) about this. This blogging business is so much work! Pewwww!

I need time – having a very busy week (or weeks?) at the mo. But I will do it!

Anyway, thanks... I suppose ;-)
A little Bollywood sign along over xmas???? Interesting side note there's a Bollywood remake of my beloved Return to Eden, I know...
Songy said…
oh I think I watched Cinema Paradio about 10 times now.

I will have to see if I like that bollywood music as well!
Te said…
You prefer Sydney to Melbourne?? :O what is THAT all about?

I know all about illness putting you off foods you associate with it. I can never eat burger rings again.
Wow... contrast greystones with sydney!

I will swap you Sydney for a moody greystones sojourn.


Timtams are ridiculous biscuits. They are not so much biscuits as mini-chocolate bars. or not so mini when you eat half a packet.