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The Delightful Seeker of Searching the Inner Me, Super Kawaii Mama and Cal of Sidenote all gave me some blog awards a few posts ago (quite a few posts ago) and it is my honorable duty to pass them on.

From The Seeker and Super Kawaii Mama

From Cal of Sidenote and The Seeker

I will announce the nominees shortly, but first I am going to take the opportunity to say why I love these 3 blogs, right back at them.

1. The Seeker: Because she is living quite literally a second life and is blessed to be living it beautifully. She always makes comments on my posts that make me think. And she makes me feel very loved when I need it.

2. Super Kawaii Mama: Who could single handedly be responsible for the downturn in velour leisure wear and jeans for stay at home mums.

If it is true to say that you should dress for the job you want, then I owe this lady a commission for getting me back into the workforce as a "creative" but respected communicator. You don't have to be rich, you don't have to be beautiful (although she is) you just have to make the most of what you got, every single day. And looking in the mirror to see a bit of gloss, grooming and everyday glamor is an anti-depressant in itself. Thank you Mama.

3. Cal of Sidenote for "getting me", despite my ramblyness. Another aspiring writer who has actually been published, on a sidewalk in St Paul which is pretty cool, whose observations give me gentle pause and a wider view of the world.

I am going to pass on these awards as required but for now I want you to check out these lovely blogs if you havent already, and widen your view of the world.


Seeker said…
Oh Hammie, my lovely and dear Hammie...
My words are failing with your kindness when talking about me.
Thank you so much, I feel very honoured and touched for your feelings about me. Thank you again, not only for this words but also for the ones you always leave on my blog and for being my friend.
You soooooooooo deserve these awards!!!!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!
Big big hug

PS - Do you remember also this one?
Cal said…
awww, you are too sweet! only you would be able to turn an award around and praise the awarder :) i needed a little hug tonight and your kind words gave me just that!
Songy said…
Hi, Hammie. Congratulations. Yes, seeker is really really lovely, isn't she?

I'd better check out the other one!
Candice DeVille said…
Oh THANK YOU Hammie! You are too sweet. I'm so pleased that you see the joy in dressing the same way I do. Your comments always make me think / laugh and feel connected to another wonderful mother.
Elizabeth said…
Congratulations to you and the awardees! Perfect choices, all.
Hooray, you!! As Seeker said, you so deserve these lovely awards!!
ATenorio said…
Hi Hammie, you certainly do deserve the awards! Sorry I have been MIA for such a spell. Going to check out your blog rec's now :)
Anonymous said…
Much-deserved praise for you, Hammie! And from such fantastic women, too.
Lisamaree said…
Thanks everyone. I know I havent written much for a while but have been investing in family and trying to get the job skills going too. Seeker, you are too kind and I will most definitely pass on the "I love you this much" award very soon.