Shameless Filler Post; Busy Hammie!

Sorry for the temporary absence but I have been madly busy with my paid job; the website, Autism Affinity and the Recycle Your Phone initiative.

Boo however has been blogging so you can check out his latest post here.

Boo blogging on his desk= my legs!

I have also set up an alternative blog that is purely for Auties and Aspies and the people who care about them: Irish Autism Action Blog. So if you have a blog or you know of someone who has one, please get in touch so I can put them on my blogroll.

Sorry for the shameless filler post. I do have something very serious I want to write about, but I have to sleep sometime!



Songy said…
yep. I'm barely keeping up, Hammie. 15 minutes before I start the engine of my car to drive off... argh.
Nick McGivney said…
This is the life, oh multi-tasking one. I will still listen to you even when you have nowt to say!
K.Line said…
Um, hello?! Marketing your child is NEVER filler! How great that he's taken this on. I left him a little comment to get him started on the fun of blog interaction!
Skye said…
I salute your shameless filler post - it's more than I can manage (although I have a household case of gastro as my excuse at least)!

PS. Love Boo's blog!
Elizabeth said…
I hope you're happy in all your busy-ness.
Seeker said…
I can't say that you're not missed, but I completly understand, my beauty.
So many things to do such little time...
But hope things are all well and you feel great.
I'm off to check Boo's blog ;)
Take care sweetheart.
Make Do Style said…
Fillers are great and Boo has obviously mastered the blogger pose!
Casdok said…
Sounds like your both very busy!! Keep it up! :)
Songy said…
lol. it was more like latter. I thought wikipedia should give more of an accurate feel for the city. :)

I would love to visit Ireland. Don't think I'd have any chance to live there tho..
I here sista solider...btw happy b'day.