Political animals or what I learned about the real world from being a Stay at Home Special Mum... Part II

If you missed Part I click here,

So; as I was saying, somewhere in the universe there was a gap, and suddenly there was an equal gap in my headspace where all my worries about my kids used to be.

Not only did I still have all the energy and ideas and, let's face it obsessive hyperactivity, I also had more sleep, more love (happier children = happier relationships) and thanks to the blogging world (That means YOU) more self-confidence.

You see, I have never been a passive worrier. I will stop eating properly, lose sleep, clean the house and "fix" things, (fix meaning drill a lot of holes) move furniture and, in the past, run up incredible store card debts. But you will never catch me staring at a wall doing nothing.

I often think it would have been better if I smoked at the time of the kids arrival and diagnosis because I could have done that obsessively, instead of all the above. You can give up smoking when you are happy. The bad breath, dirty ashtrays and yellow teeth will disappear, but a bad credit history will follow you around for years.

So I always put a lot of energy into worry, and made a lot of mess until I figured out where that energy should go. When I do get my focus right, I rarely give up without winning. And it is not because I am gifted or resilient or determined or any of the good words that mean sticking to a task.
I am just ridiculously tenacious and goddamn stubborn. I make Canadian Mounties and Scottish terriers look flighty and dilettante.
My punishment is to have a daughter who is exactly the same, but without the words to achieve it. (so she relies on her looks , charm and anger, in equal measure)

So, having achieved my aim; getting permanent recognition for schools like Saplings, and getting my kids in there; I was ready for a new challenge.

And at the same time; the Irish Autism Advocacy movement, and the Phone company that sponsors them, were looking for a new "P.R./Web-person"...

Boo wants the laptop so more later.


ATenorio said…
I think this story is going somewhere good... very good... and very good suits you...

And your smoking analogy cracked me up.
pamela said…
Hey are you writing this on the plane? I like it! Anyways hope u both have a wonderful time in aus, looking forward to hearing all about it when ye get back
Make Do Style said…
As Mrs Doyle says agh go on go on
Nan P. said…
As always Hammie, you are my kind of woman... "me time? what me time?" kind of woman... and "obsessive active worrier" kind of person... I do like you a lot Hammie... :-*

(im)patiently waiting for the next instalment.
Seeker said…
This is getting more and more interesting....

Hope you'll have a gorgeous and Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said…
"getting permanent recognition for schools like Saplings"
just wondering if you could explain that to me hammie, my 6 year daughter is without a aba school or any school because she is on a waiting list
Anonymous said…
You are a bit like a vortex, whirling around pulling things in and shaking things up! I love how that job came to you, you are just the best person for it!
Lisamaree said…
Pearl, Pam, Nan, Seeker and Cybil: thanks. I was writing it in the hotel in Singapore where we had ADSL. Since then: dial up! so no blog access. Sorry for the gap.
Happy new year to you all anyway.

Anonymous: The school my kids attend is one of the 13 recognised in "the deal" fought out with Dept of Ed. We all hoped it would expand by our example but who knows in the current economic climate? I am fully expecting to be paying directly to keep it open, rather than just fundraising constantly by the end of 2009. and I would sell everything I own to keep my kids there. That is the difference it has made to my life.

We waited 4 years on the list for our 2 places. But it was totally worth the wait. My school manages to send at least half the kids on to mainstream so the places do move.
We paid for Home tutors for the years we were on the waiting list, it was stressful but it kept the door open for learning. Hence my willingness to pay again to keep the school alive.

The alternative is a totally user pays pre-school which are around the place. The only thing I can say is "buyer beware". Make sure the supervisors and tutors have the qualifications they say they have. There are some cowboys out there.

It is not our wish that only some schools were recognised, the previous minister for education wanted us ALL shut down and our kids herded into glorified creches or mainstream settings with a babysitter. At least 13 schools survived, which the current minister says is his "preferred model". Hopefully these can franchise out in the future. But the way this government is hitting soft targets in the budget, I am not holding my breath.

Good luck to you. xx