La Bellette Rouge Q & A

The Lovely LBR has rewarded my low level whingeing for a Meme tag called "Q & A".

This is not good behavioural management, she should have held out much longer before giving in and feeling guilty for losing all power and then compounding it by giving me a chocolate Hobnob to go with the tag.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention; add a question of your own.

2. Tag eight other un-tagged people.

What is your current obsession? Mad but nothing. And I am obsessive compulsive, so this is very poor form. I have a bit of a crush on Tom Dunne, the mid morning D.J. from Newstalk 106 who I met at an Autism Fundraiser last week. But I don't really have time to stalk him. I might manage an hour a week after Easter.

Good fika place? (That would be coffee to us non-Swedes) Insomnia in Greystones County Wicklow.

Do you nap a lot? No, it makes me feel ill. I would rather have 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep than 10 hours broken. But I do like to fall asleep in the car. (when someone else is driving)

Who was the last person you hugged? My Boo, 20 minutes ago. He says he has a sore tooth.

What’s for dinner? Hopefully nothing much. Unless you mean dinner as in lunch and then I am going for Pad Thai at Siam Thai in Dundrum. A small mountain of wide noodles with prawns in a peanutty sauce. mm mm.

The restaurant overlooks the Town Square of the shopping centre where Harvey Nicks converges with House of Fraser, Urban Outfitters, the multi-plex cinemas and McDonalds. Mr Hammie and I watch fascinated as the tribes meet in the square and we mock their choice of clothing endlessly. If you still wear orange make-up and Candida jeans, please come and walk by us.

What was the last thing you bought? Pink Gant Cotton Knit Sweater Vest. To wear over my white Hackett shirt that Imelda told me to get for media interviews. I just feel better with a bit of pink.

What are you listening to right now? Boo making cereal in the kitchen while singing "Rock The Casbah." Clunk, a shower of popped rice, and probably half a litre of milk. But I am still here blogging in my pyjamas. Sure isn't that why god invented the Dyson?

What is your favourite weather? Mid to high twenties Celsius with sun and a light breeze.

I like a baking hot day on my holidays if I am beside a pool, but hot as in just 30 degrees Celsius. At home you gotta have a breeze.

What’s on your bedside table? A logitech yoke that you sit an iPhone in to make the music play through speakers which also charges it up over night. Two empty teacups, Clarins Eau Dynamisante body lotion and Clarins Creme Jeunesse des Mains. By the way I speak fluent Clarins. My iPhone, a pint glass of water and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour travel size. Large Insomnia Mocha Latte.

Say something to the person/s who tagged you. Bellette, you are so funny and talented. Please respect the talents you have (and take for granted) not everyone can do what you do.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? Somewhere near Batemans Bay, South Coast of New South Wales. With a fully fenced in ground pool and 12 Bedrooms with bunk beds where all my sisters and their husbands and children and The Imeldas could come and stay together every Christmas.

It would be large, airy and easy to clean and must have a ping pong table, board games with missing pieces and a kitchen full of weird things that people buy when they are on holiday but leave behind, like Polenta and 4 different dripulator coffee pots but no toaster.

We could surf and swim and eat locally caught prawns and feed the Kangaroos and take Walter for walks with Boo. And a granny flat for the ABA trained Au-pairs who would stay with us and work with the kids in return for prawns and swims and shoe samples from Imelda.

Favourite vacation spot? Where we actually go - Nerja in Andalusia. I did have a lovely holiday in Cefalu, Sicily with Bratty once but I think it would be too hot for Mr Hammie and Boo.

Name the things you can’t live without. My children. My Mr Hammie and My Children.

What is your favourite tea flavour? I hate hippie teas. I like Green Tea when I am feeling delicate, and Indian or Ceylonese tea when I wake up.

What would you like to get rid of? Weird smell that appears in the living room. I suspect my Eucalyptus tree out front has infiltrated the drains but it only happens intermittently, and I love that tree.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? A really big bedroom in a distant wing of my house with a large 4 poster bed, an en suite and a large claw footed bath filled with Eau Dynamisante Bubbles.

What did you want to become as a child? A Vet then an Actress. Nobody ever told me that Writing could be a good idea.

What do you miss? My Sisters, my nieces and nephews. My GBF and his BF. The companionship and support of people who I can lean on unconditionally.

What are you reading right now? No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series. I read them all last year after My big sister told me I needed them in my life. Re-reading because BBC are showing the beautifully filmed television shows. The wisdom of Mma Ramotswe who can solve every problem in life.

What's your favourite brand of jeans? My new (re-cycled) Sevens! Which have magical liposuctioning bum smoothening and leg lengthening powers. From Second Avenue in Sandymount where rich women sell their designer clothes on consignment. Rich pickings at the moment!! (And I got a Gucci handbag too)

What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own (new or vintage)? A classic Chanel suit and Chanel two tone Mary-Janes to match.

My own question:

If you could go back in time and talk to your 17 year old self, what would you say?

You are beautiful; as beautiful as you will ever be and one day having a big arse will be fashionable, Don't feel you are unworthy and put up with feckless teenage boys who will break your heart, Go to University and ignore people complaining about "how dear it is", Acknowledge your obsessiveness and hyperactivity and use it for the power of good. (and don't let people try and hold you down)

And finally: You are not responsible for your parent's disappointment. Make your own way in life and be an example for your children - because You Will be responsible To Them.


I am tagging:

Kate, Nanna P, Jazzy, Clive's mummy,

Te, and predictably but I really love these girls; Super Mama and Skylark.


Skye said…
Thank you for tagging me, I promise to do this one, really truly.

I do so love reading more about you, I like that Imelda Matt is giving you media wardrobe advice, you'll have to have him on salary when you're in charge of the world.
K.Line said…
I LOVE your answers Lisa. Especially to the question you made up.

And so glad to see Skye's comment. I've been wondering about you, S. Come back soon! (Wait - just saw your post from today, yay...)
jazzygal said…
Oh noooo......I've been tagged!!

This looks hard...but you make it look so easy with your clever answers!

Oh dear, will have to get my thinking cap on....groan..sniffle....sigh!

Who needs Brain Training when there's you...and La Bellette Rouge!!

Thanks! No really, it could be fun!

BTW, I thought you looked quite fetching in pink! XX J
Seeker said…
This one is just great to know more about you. Love it.


Make Do Style said…
Ah thanks for the tag - it will be fun my new blog is so serious compared to before this will be light relief!!
Adlibby said…
"You are not responsible for your parents disappointment" -- now there's a gem that I could have used at 17. I didn't really figure that out until my mid-thirties... wish I could get back all that time I spent pissed off at them while they were oblivious.

excellent interview. nicely done!
Sister Wolf said…
Ah, your advice to your Young Self should be mandatory reading for every girl. I love how kind and gentle you are to your Young Self...and to all of us. xo
Candice DeVille said…
Consider it done! A very amusing a heartening read.
Clive said…
An excellent Q & A! We thoroughly enjoyed your answers. Thanks for tagging us also - we've been tagged three times this week so we may be a little slow in getting round to doing it - but we will!!
Nan P. said…
Ah come on now Hammie Lisa, giving me work to do and all that! I mean... Ok, ok, I will make sure I get around to doing it. How can I say no?

BTW, to answer your question on me l'tle blog, I think I prefer the previous U2 album (the Atomic dismantling one) to this new (line & horizon thingie) one. I remember singing to the other one (while drive me car) much faster than this time around... But it could be 'cause I have other things on my mind...?
Andrea Eames said…
Hi Hammie! :)

1. Sorry I don't pop up in the comments that often - I visit regularly, but I hardly comment on blogs these days for time reasons. Very rude of me, I'll try to do better.

2. I love the question you made up! Now I need to think of something equally as good for when I do the meme ...

3. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am a bit puzzled though - you said 'what were you thinking?' What did you mean? Am I just being dim?

4. Have a good Monday!

Andrea xx
You are sweeter than pie and happily your sweetness does not require me to have more liposuction.;-)
You must know that the nice things you said about my writing have stuck with me and have shut my inner critic up for weeks.Thank you!!!

I do love your answers and I am happy you whinged a bit. I am sorry I have poor behavioral management skills but you offered me secrets of magic-fat-sucking jeans.

Please tell me your FAVORITE Clarins product. I want to try some Clarins. Secrets please!!!
Lisamaree said…
Skye: so lovely to have you back. I was looking at fares to the Gold Coast I missed you so much.

K: if only I could go back and tell that silly girl what I know now.

jazzy: This is better than brain training.

Seeker: hope you are feeling more relaxed yourself.

Kate: your post is excellent and I am going to Carluccios v.soon!

Mr Style: um, hi?

Adlibby and Sis: At least I have Imelda-Mike to remind me of that silly girl. And appreciate my middle aged brain (if not my skin)

Super Mama: looking forward to it. Still getting used to your new layout. I was quite comfy and cosy in the last one.

Nan! you mean Vertigo and I really liked this. havent got the new one yet but will soon.

Clive: whenever. Thought your followers might like to get to know you a bit better too.

Andrea: it was your quizzical expression I pondered and not the cliche "what were you thinking?" The outfit was lovely. And I envy your dedication to writing, I really do.

Labelle: So glad to hear that. I just think there are skills which come naturally to us that we do not value and enjoy. So you need reminding. xx
Lisamaree said…
Oh and Jazz: Thankyou. I thought I look weird and strange and old with orange make-up. That's the problem with having such good looking children, I always look old and shabby beside them.
Penny Cook has a lot to answer for...nice choice - pink reads well on camera.
Lynanne said…
I enjoy reading these. I just got done reading Jazzygal's and followed her link back here to see how you answered. :) Great answers!