TE's honest blogger Part II

If you missed Part I go Here for the first 3 honest things about me and my coil perm

This; boys and girls, is why not all of the Eighties Retro fashion should be revived.

This is actually the coil perm grown out by 18 months but still persisting under an obviously home done color. Also note the nattily twisted bandana worn as a necklace. Boo wears that now.
By this stage I was living with Mr Hammie in a 1 room bedsit in Kilburn. One end of our Road was NW3 which made it West Hampstead. The end where we lived was opposite Biddy Mulligans - mere metres from Kilburn High Road, where one got to experience the color and smells of the Wine Tasting Club who occupied the park by day, and slept in the doorways of the bank by night.
These Poets of the Gutter, Looking at the Stars and drinking Carlsberg Special Brew, would leave little piles of puke on the footpath that you learned to step lightly over on the way to the Tube.

How I met Mr Hammie? is the next part of the story.


grufalomum said…
fab-tab-ulos -oh dont you just LOVE the 80's - LOL You are right it is as bad as mine LOL:)
Nan P. said…
Hammie girl, you are such a tease!... We all want to know how you met Mr. Hammie, so why keep us waiting...?

The 80's. Oh god! the memories of some serious fashion desasters... and my hair styles at the time! I went through every one of them I think... Better put all of this at the very back of my memory bank, to surface only with senility, if at all.
K.Line said…
Are you kidding? You are gorgeous in this photo. Bring on the 80s, I say. (Honey, you shoulda seen me in the 80s - eek.) Please tell us the Mr. Hammie story. I need a fun story...
Te said…
hahaha, the wine tasting club. I wonder if they are affliated with the wine tasting community here on Smith Street in Fitzroy. ;)

Can't wait for the next part! And I love nostalgic photos, I thought the whole appeal of 80's fashion is that it was one big fashion disaster? Don't be so hard on yourself!
Skye said…
Hammie, I do not think you have aged a day. How on earth is this possible?
jazzygal said…
Hey hammie, you look like yourself...if u know what I mean! U haven't aged at all.

I got my perm in the late 80's...God I looked like a mad woman!
No Shoulder pads for u then??! They were another staple!! xx J
Lisamaree said…
jazz: They were inside the hoodie. Seriously, when I worked retail we used to have all these loose shoulder pads in a basket that customers could add to their outfits, tucked into bra straps - Yeuooh!

Skye: I think it was a spiral perm. Will have to ask my sister who did it. My sister was an apprentice hairdresser in the 1980s - that was when hair was HAIR man!

Te; I think they had an online newsletter that linked them with Smith Street and the crowd in the middle of Taylors Square in Sydney
(whoops, the internet wasn't invented then, Hey YOU weren't even invented then)

K-line: I look demonic in that photo. I look like Bratty looks when she does not want to do something. Will fill you in on the Mr H tale soon. Hope you are okay?

Nan and Grufalo: See above comment about spare shoulder pads in a basket for just how much taste had abandoned us.

Clive said…
You should see my 80's photos - very scary!! Adam Ant et al had nothing on the hair, make-up and clothes I wore!! Thankfully few photos remain!
Sister Wolf said…
Gorgeous. You should have been a superstar (not that you aren't already!)
WendyB said…
Loving that photo!
I had the spiral perm. NEVER AGAIN. But, you were as cute as a Go-Go or a Bangle. Seriously.
The Spicers said…
You looked beautiful Hammie (and still do). You've got nothing on my scary 80's look: foot-tall afro and Grateful Dead regalia.
bronwyn said…
Hi Hammie, I hope you are well, just popping in to say hi, and thank you for your comment which you probably have forgotten it was so long ago. And HOPEFULLY, finally, I now have time again, so I can keep up to date with your blog....and get to find out how you met Mr H!

Sending you a bunch of wild flowers, some steaming herbal tea and a stool to put your feet up on:)
Jules said…
Oh 80's..;D
Cant wait to know how you meet Mr.Hammie..;D
Unknown said…
Oh yes!
I'm with Nan P.Why you keep us waiting?!lol..Argh...I want to know how you met Mr.Hammie..;D