I've found a cure for Autism


Jules said…
Lol...I was laughing when i watch this video..It's a good thing to watch this on on the morning.Coz i'd love to start my day with a big smile on my face.=)
And i love Sesame streets since i'm a kid.;D Thanks for sharing.;D
Have a wonderful week.

Unknown said…
This is so cute..;D Love it.Hope to see more of this.;D

Nan P. said…
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Nan P. said…
Oh. How I love these two! They are my very favourite of the whole Sesame Street gang!

And they make so much sense!.. At so many levels! If you care to look.

What else could that cure, I wonder?
I once had a dream that Count Chocula cereal cures West Nile Virus.
Seeker said…
Oh dear, you are always amazing me.
Those two are great and I agree with Nan P.

Hope you're having a nice time, with lots of smiles.

Luv u

Lisamaree said…
Summer And Solo: Youtube is full of Sesame, that's why we love it so.

Nan: I think it could cure anything. it is certainly safer than some of the stuff that people try to push. And much cheaper!

La Belle: there is a university somewhere that will give you a grant to prove that. Look em up.

Seeker: lovely to hear from you again. Yep, the secret of life can be found with Ernie and Bert. xx
jazzygal said…
Me too....me too..... I love it!!

My favourite is the Mna mna song. you know the one....mna-mna do-do-bedoobie, mna-mna do-doobie-do...and they go ape in the middle!! xxJ
Clive said…
Nothing like them! They could cure a lot!

Funny thing is - although I absolutely love them and have great memories of watching them as a child - the little man here can't cope with them at all and I've tried. Just refuses to watch them! He's taken on my Magic Roundabout and Womble appreciation so I guess I can't complain too much!
Lisamaree said…
Well, you can't prove they don't work can you?
Anonymous said…
Just stumbled upon this. What I find common amongst parents like you who discount biomedical interventions is that your ignorance is stunning. I know a great deal of kids who have improved and even recovered through biomed. I guess it makes you feel good to bash biomed since you're too freakin'n lazy to try it. Trust me, I'd rather my recovered children rather than your massively retarded children any day. Good luck with them when they are in institutions.
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The Spicers said…
It's easy to be an asshole under cover of anonymity! If you've got the answer, why are you hiding?
Lisamaree said…
Dear Anonymous; what I find amazing is how you find the time and ability to type from the top of that pedestal you find yourself on while posting comments you do not have the decency to own - and allow us the right of reply.
I respect any intervention that does not unreasonably tax the resources of parent or child, but I draw the line at quackery and anything that has been known to harm. Show me the comparitive data, show me the empricle studies and show me the control group, double blind and the replicated studies with the same results.
But something that unneccessarily stresses, hurts or harms children? you can get off the island!

The only thing that those of us who have been lucky enough to bear or adopt children, can be sure of is that we cannot judge the experiences of another parent.

So be brave enough to come back and identify yourself, and link to your expressed experiences of your wonderfully "recovered" children (recovered? it always makes me think of lost socks) along with documentary proof of the severity of their sensory dysfunction prior to their miraculous treatment. And we will listen.
If you don't have the balls to do that then feck off and never soil my blog with your excremental outpourings again.

For now we will spend the next 24 hours mocking you. Gobshite.
Jen said…
@ Anonymous, it always worries me when people show no respect for others and their choices. We all make choices, but that does not give anyone the right to vilify someone else for their choices. There is a difference between vilifing someone and expressing your own choice. You have vilified someone for not agreeing with YOU and your choices. If you can do that to a stranger then I wonder how you treat the people you are supposed to love? I hope it was a momentary lapse on your part and that you treat your children with the dignity they deserve and not the distain you show here. I suspect that you are just a troll though, with little else to do only mock others. What goes around comes around :) Wonder if you will post as anon if you ever need advice from this blogger?!