Meet Boo Boy


Clive said…
Absolutely incredible!

Not that I doubted for a moment but to see him in action!

He is utterly amazing!!

- the little man's mum
He is, as you know, a genius.:-)
Nan P. said…
Oh my god! He is right!

I am sorry, I checked, not that I doubted, but still.... He is right!!!!

Hammie, your Boo Boy is a "Golden" Boy ;-)
K.Line said…
That is amazing! I just read a statistic indicating that only 10% of autistic people are savants. (Of course, probably .3% of other people are :-) ) I'm so intrigued to see in what other genius ways he expresses himself. Is Bratty showing any of the same tendencies?
Seeker said…
Amazing dear!!!!!
Oh Hammie what a great work you're doing, darling!
Love u

Lisamaree said…
yeah he is amazing and challenging in his amazingness. Not sure if he has leap years factored in. We think he is visualising the calender.
thanks all of you.
Sister Wolf said…
God, what a sweety-pie! What a face!