Well I did it! 30,000 times so Thank you.

Well, I hit the 30,000 today.

30,000 views of my blog thankyou very much and not all of them were me flicking back and forth editing. So thankyou to all of you who have been so loyal, particularly during my recent hiatus while I tended to the work blog.

I finished my official job on Friday, and while I will continue to volunteer to update the Work Blog, Facebook and Twitter; I will be spending a lot more time over here in Hammieland which includes visiting all your beautiful blogs.

I'm sorry for not visiting and commenting. I must admit I have found it really tough to get the work/life balance thing right. I mean, it's really hard for me to do anything lightly - the other morning I noticed that my hair tongs actually have a choice of settings, and I was confounded by the concept of doing anything to the "minimum".

So I am taking this next month to enjoy summer, while the kids are still in school, and charge my batteries for August which is always the tenth level of hell.

After the school run I plan to swim every morning, read blogs over a late breaky and then get to work on my new secret mission; more about that later.

And so to LAST weekend when I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life taking Boo to "Transformers Dos"
(as he called it)

Trucks that turn into robots that have to save us from Bad space robots and an Airplane that sounds a lot like Lenny Henry which used to be a Bad space robot but now wants to help the Good Robots and earth and John Turturro in a g-string (really)

But Boo really like it and the credits were good.

To offset the Bucket of Pepsi effect we went for a quick walk in the Glen of the Downs.

Not the dog shite side but the path up behind The Glenview Hotel

It's got water, bridges, stepping stones, mud and puddles. What's not to like?

Oh and the end of the trail comes up into the landscaped gardens of the Glenview.

Where someone left a chair next to the Stag

What's a boy gonna do?

Have a lovely Week! xx


Jean said…
what a well deserved achievement Hammie. Love the pics too xxxeybdessa
Petunia said…
Wowza missus! 30,000 hits :) Not surprised though as your blog is the best damn blog I read :D Loving the pics of Boo. What a dude! Hope you get some time to relax before August hits!! Still must meet up for that coffee :) xx
K.Line said…
Yay for you: all those hits and a month to recharge! Love it. And, re: out-of-home work life balance stupidity. I've been doing it for quite some time and it's a great mystery whenever it starts working. I've decided, as long as I don't get too invested, it's ok!
Jules said…
Love your photos here. And you deserve to be loved and your blog. You're a great person, and i feel that.=D Have a great day, and more post here.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo
Casdok said…
Your secret mission sounds interesting!
Make Do Style said…
Oh good to catch up and you take it easy (ish) - loving your secret squirrel taster...
Gracie:) said…
Brilliant :) Sure ya know im a big Fan ;))
Clive said…
Congratulations! Well deserved!

Must try out that walk behind the Glenview and promise to pick up our dog poo as we go along!!

Boo seems to get taller with every photo!

Can't wait to hear about the secret mission!!
Anonymous said…
Hey congrats on the 30 000 hits. You've gone Platinum or at least gold! I adore the shot of Boo in the theatre with his little shaking hands, one of my girls does that too when she's happy, I love it.
pamela said…
congrats on that, that a lot of times! Looking forward to catching up during your month of July and can't wait to hear aboot your secret mission...I have my suspicions! x x x
jazzygal said…
Congrats Hammie.... what an achievement!
I look forward to hearing more from Hammieland.
I too intend to do some forest walks this summer as I know Snuggles will love it.
Oh...yeah I guess I'll have to do Transformers too! Though I could do what I did in Wal E....catch up on my texts!! xx Jazzy
Nan P. said…
Well now Hammie, I'll have to catch up on Transformers myself! The first one was so cheeeeesssssy it was hilarious! I even got myself the DVD - must be something wrong with me!

Happy 30,000 hits!

And have a nice rest.
Seeker said…
YEAH!!!! Well done, gorgeous you!!!
Here's to many more!!!
And love those Boo's photos, beautiful :)
Take care, my friend, all the best


Have fantastic month off. You will be missed!!

What is this balance thing you speak of?
Nick McGivney said…
This is why you are a Sister Wolf Samurai.


You're putting it up to me now with your 30,000!
Lisamaree said…
Jean: thankyou for your support of both blogs, keeps me goin'xx

Petunia: A slower coffee next time hopefully? And yes Boo is a photogenic fellow too. xx

K-line: where did my first week go? As for not getting invested, very hard to do. xx

Summer:thanks for dropping by! xx

Cas: you are an inspiration. And the secret mission is still in progress.

Kate: Thankyou for sticking by. xx

Mammy: You inspired me from the beginning. xx

Clive: Glenview is our haven. xx

Cybil: lovely to hear from you again. Glad you can appreciate a little flapping. I think it's okay in context. xx

Pamela: see you on the deck? xx

Jazzy: I find the downstairs cinemas have poor reception! Dundrum needs to put in a phone tower for suffering parents!(or free wifi)

Nan: Try and get Cathal interested in Cinema Paradiso and Nim's Island. You will be glad you did! xx

Seeker: thankyou *blushes* nothing compared to you of course.xx

La Belle: Same with you, sure you probably get 30,000 a week!

Nick: Well I am glad. We want to see more of Jacob!!

WendyB said…
Looks like a fun and energetic day!