Running with Balls

Last day of school on Friday and they held a sports day in the grounds.

Bratty runs with the ball (one of the balls)

Sign me Up Swannies!, That's my girl!

Boo contemplating Bocce - his great grandparents are champion Lawn Bowlers.

And Boo runs for goal too.

As you can imagine, I am a little bit snowed under now that my precious ones are off school. But part of the problem is an emerging head cold which has to be placated with large quantities of Ben and Jerry's Fair Trade Chocolate And Macadamia Nut ice cream. And I gotta say it could be made by slave labour in a third world dictator's sweat shop and I would still love it.

As soon as it shifts into another part of my respiratory tract I will write something lucid. Until then, maybe go visit the work blog. Lots of shit going down there. xx


K.Line said…
Look at those kids! Great stuff. And I am about to eat ice cream too! I'm having a serious "there hasn't been any sun except for today in 2 weeks" kind of hit!
Anonymous said…
Oh my. Sending you lots of serenity vibes ... and healing ones, too!
Hope you are feeling better and that the ice cream cures you.

In the name of feeling better I have made large sacrifices to Ben and Jerry's the last couple of weeks. I have made two pints disappear. I am overtaken by guilt so I have moved on to Ciao Bella's sorbets. Passion flower and blood orange make me feel much less guilty than Half Baked and Neapolitan Dynamite.
Nan P. said…
Did you say Head Cold? I have not been too good myself in the last few days, they are even rumours I shared it with Cathal... I must be too generous for his own good, and Cathal's!

My "Fravourite" is B&J's Baked Alaska... it's the little white chocolate polar bears, you see. Wonder if they would cool my cold, so to speak... Let me go and check right now.

BTW, both kids look like they had a fun day.
jazzygal said…
Oh...Hammie...when I hear a sniff or a sneeze I'm thinkin Swine-Flu!! I see your label too!! 100,000 ppl in the UK came down with last week! But I don't think it comes upon you gradually....hits ya like a ton of bricks!! Phew...relax ...enjoy the ice cream and..... pssst... you COULD switch to a hot Jameson!! Medical purposes...of course!

Photos of the kids WONDERFUL!! They really look like they're enjoying.

Happy August to you... hope it goes OK for you...fingers crossed. xx Jazzy
Unknown said…
Looks like you all had fun. ;D Glad to see those photos. Thanks for sharing it. Have a wonderful weekend. ;D

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