So what we been up to?

Special Needs Swim Camp at Newpark Pool in Blackrock

Every year Newpark offer 1-1 swimming lessons every day for a number of weeks in the summer.

Boo is extremely water confident, thanks to daily swimming in the Glenview . However, he lacks technique as you can see in this picture - this is his "swimming" pose.
Every day for the last 2 weeks a young man called Stephen has been trying to get Boo to stop kicking like a paddle steamer and move across (as opposed to under) the water. 2 more weeks to go. There are places available in Week 4 - click on the Newpark link VERY QUICKLY, to book.

Coffee with Autie Mummy Friends - that's Michelle and Claire

As you may know I run a facebook network for parents and carers of kids with autism. We are there for each other at all the odd times that folks like me might get a chance to chat, and since we cover a few timezones and continents - this means all the time.

Going for an actual coffee (or 4) with some of these wonderful ladies was a real treat. So nice to relax and share some of our feelings about being a special mama. Like; how annoying normal people can be, and how much we have learned from each other over the years.

As for my "Summer of Hammie" - well I have been busy fighting a change to the Social Welfare Payment for Carers here in Ireland.

Rather than being honest and cutting the rate in the wake of our economic woes; the government have been moving around the goal posts and re-defining eligibility for parents of kids with more nebulous sensory and developmental issues - like umm, Autism.

Press play to hear my interview on Newstalk Radio. If this issue affects you please go to the work blog or join the facebook group. At times like this we really need friends.



K.Line said…
You look gorgeous, L!
Make Do Style said…
Great autie mommies photo! Redefining is a horrid move - honesty can be dealt with.
Jules said…
Awesome photos you have. =D Hope to see more of this. =D
Clive said…
Glad to hear the Newpark lessons are going so well. Miss doing them this year.

Coffee morning photo is lovely!

Take care
Anonymous said…
Oh, Hammie, you are a KNOCKOUT!

And tell Boo I have been re-learning to swim myself, and think he's AWESOME for sticking to his lessons. Swimming is damn hard work.
Nan P. said…
Read your "work blog" over the weekend. Thanks for putting the radio interview on this blog. Am all behind you... Sneaky sneaky civil servants (and politicians)!!!

BTW, nice photo!
Casdok said…
Hope Boo lessons go well and you have some joy with your social welfare.
Super photo!
jazzygal said…
Have to tell you Hammie.... Boo looks incredibly healthy....& Handsome!

I LOVED those Newpark swims, they really are great.Thankfully we no longer need to avail of them but I highly recommend them.

Keep up the good fight we're all behind you. Those "pesky civil servants"!!! xxx Jazzy
Petunia said…
Boo is such a dude with his "swimming pose". I think he gets more handsome every day! Was fab to meet up with you and the other facebook girlies and have a natter over a few coffees. We'll have to do it again soon :) xx
WendyB said…
Isn't it nice to meet online friends in person?
Couture Carrie said…
Sounds like you are having a wonderful and productive summer! You ladies look lovely!


P.S. Great call on the AmEx dress!