It's all in there - we just have to find the right combination.

It's not a puzzle with pieces missing or lost.

It's a high school locker with a combination lock - and we have to find the right sequence to open it up.
Inside we will find the specialty subjects that interest us most, and the ones we find challenging.

But if there is someone there to use the ones we like, the ones we could think about all day long - to make the difficult ones easier, we'll soon catch up.

You might have to learn a bit too - quite a lot to be able to help us.

No one says it's going to be easy, it will be very challenging. But very satisfying.

But just because we know the combination to this one - doesn't mean it will open the next.

Everyone of us is different. Some will open easily, some will take a bit longer, a few more tries.

You might even need to go ask someone else how they did it, and see if it works for you.

But we are all worth it. All we need is the right help.


Petunia said…
Well written missus. I love the analogy of the combination lock. I often use the one that our children are all like uniquely scrambled rubix cubes. There is nothing missing just a combination of moves needed. xx
Casdok said…
Beautifuly put!
Im still trying various combinations as i dont have a manual! But im up for the challenge!
drwende said…
Nice metaphor! Something I particularly like is that when trying to open a combination lock with an unknown combination -- when you get the initial numbers right, you feel or hear a click that tells you you're on the right track. But that doesn't mean you're there yet: each new click is both gratifying and frustrating until the whole combination's known.
jazzygal said…

When you put it like that, asking for help and support to find the right combination to unlock our children's "lock" is really not that much to ask for is it? Hell, I'm still trying to figire out my own keeps changing on me;)) xx Jazzy
Unknown said…
Sometimes I feel that if my kid had you as a mom he would be so much better off! Keep sharing the wisdom, xx, V
I like this -- also Petunia's metaphor of rubic's cubes.
This post reminds of a great book for teens: If God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open?