Irish Webs Awards 2010... WE WON!

Yep, Grace App was  joint winner of the Best Mobile Application – Sponsored by O2
 Of course - I couldn't even have entered without the magical work of Developer 

That's me, along with the lovely Vinnie Coyne with his winning Eirtext app and my  
Made in Hollywood Giant iPhone 4

(yep, my mascara was smudged. They were calling me Halle Berry afterwards)

It was an excellent night and I would like to thank all the organisers and generous sponsors,
And Mr Damien Mulley. 

Big thanks to the host Rick O'Shea who was very supportive when I was dissolving into buckets of tears waiting to do my speech, AND he gave a little shout out afterwards to get everyone to donate their lanyards from the Most Excellent Goody Bags!

 The lanyards are used to make shoulder straps for iPhones to be used with Grace App

A big thanks to everyone who sent their congratulations via Text, Facebook and Twitter - I was really quite tickled.
The Mansion House is an excellent venue - the band were fabulous, sets amazing! (well done Fran Hollywood) amazing little snacks and don't forget the Icecream Van at the end.

 All the Winners and Hosts

Oh and big thanks to MisiJenkins, Sinead and Dave from Redfly and the girls from Kanchi for minding me in my partnerless state xx

Photos are from "Caught out"


Jean said…
You deserve every accolade you get missus...dunno how you're gonna fit that giant phone in your purse tho...XXX
Anonymous said…
Mazel tov, Hammie! That is WONDERFUL news!
Make Do Style said…
Wow - well done you. Thoroughly deserved!! And you do not look like a potato head. I so held back from saying that - it was hard!! xx
K.Line said…
You are FANTASTIC. Job well done.
Congratulations on a well-deserved win xx
Cathal's Mammy said…
Again, well done. It's hugely deserved. :-)
@jencull (jen) said…
Well done, delighted that Grace is getting the recognition that you and Steve deserve:) Jen
jazzygal said…
Well done... I am still so thrilled for you! xx Jazzy
Anonymous said…
Congrats Hammie, Well Done.

Mossy Mu XX
That was a good work you really deserved that.
Congrats from SEO Dublin.