Invasion of the pod people

It is Easter School Holidays and the Kids are off school....

The tally so far is brand new sliding shower door: Nil
Liam: 1. 

So he has lost Wednesday Treat Day.

He is out for a walk trying to get a star for Friday Treat Day
As you can imagine - I am a bit strung out at this time of year. And I need my coffee more than ever. 

Mr Hammie and I are daily espresso drinkers and the average affordable consumer coffee machine is made for people who only use them on the weekend. (and drink that satanic poison INSTANT coffee during the week, Gah!)
Our coffee machines therefore get about a year's use in 3 months - and tend to die at 13 months - just outside warranty!

Our latest - the much loved Gaggia Dopio retired exhausted late last year.

So today I am taking it to live on a coffee farm where it can chase espresso cups and steam away to its hearts delight. (Sshhh - that's what I am telling it. I am really taking it to Bray Recycling Centre)

At the moment we have a temporary replacement that is a bit crap to be honest. I won't say the brand as it was so cheap. So I am treating myself to Costa's several times a week. (at least) - while I "save" and survey what machine to get next - very bad economy.

However, on the weekend Mr Hammie and I got a 24 hour release pass and stayed in a hotel, which had one of these:

And not since the launch of iPad have I felt as in love with a piece of machinery! It only came with 4 of the little pod yokes so I didn't get a chance to figure out how to make the kind of coffee I like. But I really enjoyed the little lungo I did make - in a highball glass! and Mr Hammie was suitably infused and enthused with the espresso.

So I am really keen to try one out. The best part was the neatness and effiency. I often leave it to after the school run to make coffee with our current machine as it is such a hassle! and I know that's why I often steer the car towards Costa's on the way home. It would make ME more efficient to get that first kick of the day quickly and not be fannying around Greystones Village half asleep as I contemplate the cake stand at Costa's.

It would also eliminate this.

This does not live in the garden either. It lives on the kitchen counter where Mr Hammie bangs the coffee filter arm to remove the last cup's used coffee grounds every morning, scattering them everywhere.

Oh I would not miss that one bit.  

So, Who of you are Nespresso devotees? What do you recommend? What is the minimum I should spend to get good crema on a Cafe Lungo or Espresso (don't need a frother)

Please give me your feedback as I step out now, to become a pod person......



K.Line said…
I love them! Don't have one cuz husband is against the pods - says they're bad for environment (killjoy!) I wish you good drinking.
Cathal's Mammy said…
We do love ours, my favourite is the Roma which I make long, it's smooth and rich, scrumy!
Get a box of each type of pod to start and try them out as espressos and americanos
Momx3 said…
I have no idea Hammie. Growing up in inner city Dublin I was lead to believe that coffee was for posh people,lol. I'll have to call by your house & pop my coffee bubble when you make your purchase,x
Truf said…
Nah. Love my Gaggia and will not give it up for something that works with pods. Even only for the smell from the coffee grinder in the morning (yes, we spare no effort in the Truf household when coffee is involved).
Lisamaree said…
K- as someone who used disposable nappies for nigh on 8 years I should feel guilty about throwaway anything. I should. xx

Syl- thankyou forth validation!!!

V- Growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne surrounded by Eyetalians - I learned to like coffee quite young!

Truff- I can't afford €400 for a decent Gaggia (now owned by Philips!) or the time each morning. We make 3 good coffees a day and we kill coffee machines!
sharon Morris said…
Can't help, we use our coffee machine about twice a year these days, and each morning suffer the indignity of drinking instant.
When you are ready to talk wine, then I'll have plenty to add.
Truf said…
400? Have they no shame?! I better go and sprinkle some holly water on my much abused coffee maker!
How about a competition, Hammie? We'd all love to win one of these I'd say...perhaps those lovely PR people might give you one to keep and one to give away xx