Testing Times: Nespresso vs Teenage Boy, Day One

Day one and the first thing I heard was Liam asking for the vacuum cleaner - never a good start to the day as it means there is a huge mess in the kitchen.
However, knowing I could have a quick coffee before I had to tackle the mess I actually bounced down the stairs ready to face anything.

Including this ↑

 Ironically caused by this ↑
The little coffee pod I left out last night ready for my first cup. Alanis Morrisett couldn't write this.

Thankfully the lovely Sandra at Nespresso's PR packed a selection of extra pods for the mother of the Teenage Boy (In the background preparing his next mess)

But fortified by this - I was able to clean up calmly without any fuss.
Important when you are facing into a long day of 2 autistic kids vs one parent.

The machine is a Krupps Pixie with 19 bars of pressure. The coffees are going to be a choice of these:

Gotta love a drink that comes with a colour chart like a box of choccies!

Today I had an Arpeggio - intense and creamy but a bit cold because I did not follow the instructions and make a first cup with steamy water to tip out. The second was "Rosabaya de Colombia" and boy it hit the spot. I used to drink lattes then feel a bit sick from all the milk. With crema this good you only need a tinsy drop of milk.

Yep, I am loving this. I have a feeling that the machine I am reviewing is one of the dearer models - the cheaper ones I've looked at online were only 15 bars of pressure. And some of you might think that the parent of special needs kids should be saving their money for therapies and diets etc.
But hang that, I NEED good coffee and I need it at home BECAUSE I have 2 autistic kids. I don't have time to be messing around with inferior technology.
Speaking of which, where's my Dyson? It appears Liam has finished his popcorn....



K.Line said…
OK, one kid to one parent is a scary enough ratio. Add another kid into the mix and you're going to be mainlining that coffee.
Truf said…
Its touching to watch new love blossoming - I mean you and Nespresso. I hope the Nespresso people don't turn out to have hearts of stone and part you from your beloved in 2 weeks time...
Is more like Dyson vs 2 small boys in our house. This far Dyson 0 : boys 1.
A coffee machine that looks like a box of chocolates :) I definitely should not spend Smiley's Respite Grant on one of these!
jazzygal said…
I don't 'do' coffee, but if I did it would be a nespresso thingy ;-)

Great review:-)

xx Jazzy
Lisamaree said…
Oh it's more than infatuation - there have been several days this Easter where I've not wanted to get out of bed, but for the thought of this coffee.
We went to BT and bought more pods today- we're hooked now! xx
Andra said…
I would LOVE one of these magic machines that produces nectar of the gods!! Hope you are still in love with it :)
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