Via Nerja

Some iPhone images from The Balcon de Europa during the "passagio"-
I don't know the Spanish word but in Italy passagio is the time in the evening when everyone walks around and has the craic in a central place like the Balcon. I love it.

I can sit with a glass of Rosato and a dish of olivos while Boo uses his little netbook N130 to surf the internets (free wifi) to his hearts content. He is so happy and secure; I can even walk around a bit to take photos.

You get oldies, families, tourists, locals, A LOT of kids dancing around and trying to pet the cats. Yes. Cats.

I think the cats own the Balcon. Vale. xx

When I asked these ladies if I could take their picture they agreed- but wanted to see the results. After I published and went back to show them they said: "Vale vale!" pronounced "var-lee" - it means "okay!" I love it. Xx


K.Line said…
OMG Lisa! Your son is a grown up!!! How does this happen? :-)
Tell me about it. Yesterday he gave me a piggy back in the swimming pool! xx