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Recently I was back in my hometown of Ballarat to do a series of Grace App workshops. These were in aid of www.turnalifearound.com.au - a charity run by a Bendigo school teacher called Jacqui Righetti who was inspired to fundraise to help Autistic people to communicate. She collects old iPod Touch (3/4th Gen)  iPads and iPhone 3Gs, 4 and 4s and raises money to buy new devices for families who do not otherwise qualify for government funding. If you can help please visit www.turnalifearound.com.au and contact Jacqui.

Part of drumming up some publicity for the cause was making contact with the local media who covered it here in the Bendigo Advertiser and on ABC Radio Ballarat's Steve Martin show, And in the newspaper I grew up with: The Ballarat Courier.

They took a different spin, asking me to contribute to the "Catch Up With" section as a former resident. My sister gleefully tweeted the resulting article last weekend with yet another "what was I thinking?" photo....

So far so chatty...
What the?

While I was at home I went to my lovely Grandma's 90th birthday party which was attended by my also lovely Grampa who is 92! You can read about his birthday here on the Spirit of Carlton Website as he is a life member.

Gramps and Granma with me and my Suzie Quattro Shag-do

After the party, my Mum for some reason* decided to give back all my old school reports and photographs (?)  So in the spirit of self examination; I will reproduce a few of my old school portraits, along with the questions and my answers here:

The Courier "Catch up With": Lisa Domican

Full name: Lisa Domican

Occupation: mother, social entrepreneur

Family members: Husband Bill, son Liam and daughter Gracie.

Travel, hill walking in the Wicklow mountains, eating sushi & dumplings.

My earliest memory is...  Writing to the Queen to protest the sacking of Gough Whitlam.  (seriously)

Hmm, some time around 1975?

When I was a child I wanted to be... A vet, an air hostess and an actress.

My greatest moment in my life was... Hearing my daughter's first word. (She was 6)

In four words, I am... Woman hear me roar

Grade 6 in 1980. And I had no right whatsoever to wear a Maori Headband)

I wish I'd never worn... White lace. Ever.

Cat or dog?
Dog. Outside dog.

I often wonder... Why anyone would knowingly wear crocs?

When I want to spoil myself I...drink champagne in the bath. Alone.

Drinking champagne and taking selfies in Singapore Airlines Business Class - points upgrade!

The first thing I reach for on a Sunday morning is... My iPhone.

The hardest thing I've done in my life is...
Say goodbye to my youngest sister.

My ideal day would be spent...
With my husband and both my children walking in the Wicklow mountains, followed by roast beef dinner with an excellent pinot noir and a TV movie.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be...
The distance between Ireland and Australia.

After life there is...
Whatever light you've left behind.

I love...
my family. And wine. And coffee. Real coffee. 

In life, I have learned...there is always a way.

Pouting again, in 1985


My pet dislike is... People who sniff when they really should blow their nose!

I can't live without... Yoghurt

Before I die I would love to... Make inequality unacceptable.

If I could invite any five people to dinner they would be..., Tina Fey, Micheal Palin, Sir David Attenborough, Gough Whitlam and Louis Theroux.

The meaning of life is... Love

If I could be anyone else for a day I would be... Gloria, from 'Modern Family'

I'm passionate about... COMMUNICATION!

A book/movie/song that inspires me...
Bob Geldof's biography "Is that it?" - whenever things seem impossible, I remind myself how one man made  "Live Aid" happen.

If only I could...

*Will blog for free psychotherapy


Truf said…
Love the pictures. And agree, distance separating family is a b***er!
jazzygal said…
You look about 12 in both recent photos!! Ya young thing. Must be all the champagene ;-)

'After life there is... Whatever light you've left behind.' Love it. You will leave some light behind you....

xx Jazzy

Jean said…
Ah that's gas. Your grandparents are awesome! I'm pretty sure that the light I'll leave behind will be a 70's inspired lava-lamp type thing. People will scratch their heads and say "what the..?". XXX
I wish I could sing too! And I love the photos, well I always love old photos, and the recent ones look like you've barely changed at all x
Lisamaree said…
in that case @Jeanie I will be a lamp made out of an empty chianti bottle. xx