Autism 101

As the mother of two ADULTS with Autism, both at the more severe end of the spectrum, I have had to learn a lot about it. I have actually spent the last 19 years, reading, studying, going on courses and of course, observing and getting to understand my own kids. I also write about it.

Since 2010, when I was first asked by a county council childcare committee to give a presentation to staff, I have been sharing my insights in a workshop I call "Autism 101"Its a beginners guide for parents, carers, teachers, clinicians and anyone interested in making the world more comfortable for someone with autism, in order to help them learn.The lovely people at CATTS Ireland asked me to give a workshop earlier this year and filmed it, for anyone who could not attend.I will never forget how hard it was for me to organise my family into letting me get away to my first PECs workshop in 2003. Going every week to an evening course the following year often meant learning about early intervention for two hours then going home at ten pm and cleaning up the aftermath of me not being there for the next 8 hours.So I am delighted to have this simple introductory course available on line, for anyone to take in their own time, over as many days as it takes. Please follow the link and don't forget to collect your certificate on completion.  
  • SNAs
  • Teachers including an individual with autism in the class this year.
  • Teachers taking their first placement in an Autism unit attached to a school
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Childcare workers
  • Home support/Home Helps and Babysitters
  • Parents
  • Grandparents, interested aunties, uncles, helpful friends.
  • Clinicians


Workshop Aims
If you are supporting an individual with Autism in your class, or at home and need a short,
to the point, helpful course in order to quickly get to grips with how to support them –
Autism 101 will help you.

Workshop Content
This training course will cover:
• What is Autism?
• Flags for Autism
• Autism as a Sensory Disability
• Techniques that help
• Using Visual Supports
• Motivation and Reinforcement
• Inappropriate Behaviour
• Social Stories
When you take this course, you will learn what autism is (according to the Mother of two young adults with Autism) and how it affects their children or students in the learning environment.
You will learn ways to help support your pupils, to attend, to organize and to communicate when they need help utilizing simple and affordable techniques such as picture schedules, token rewards, and visual aids.
If you are a parent of someone with ASD, you may not be always able to attend an in person course easily.  There have been a lot of people who wanted to attend Autism 101, but were unable to do so in person.
Lisa recorded this course to ensure it was available for anyone who may want to attend.
Once you buy the online version, you can view it any time after enrolling. It is yours, for keeps, and if you are a parent, it can be helpful to show it to friends or family members who may be involved with your child on a regular basis, so they have the same appreciation of ASD.
How to book your place

Course FEE: €30.00

About Lisa

Lisa is a mother of two autistic teenagers.
An excellent communicator herself, 
she saw the importance of giving the power of communication to others who needed it and set about creating the Grace App in early 2010. She has since set up her own company to promote the inclusion of people with autism in the mainstream on their own terms.
According to Lisa ‘My goal is to engage and inform as many educators, therapists, parents, carers and service providers about the importance of independent expression’.