It's Official - My Son is a Genius

I am going to break away from the honest blogging story for a moment to tell you something that happened today - which is also true.

I have always maintained my son is a genius. Not just because I am his mum and I love him, but a bona fide genius. He learned to count and read by the time he was 3.
He could type by the age of 7 and at 11 he can read and memorise the credits at the end of a film, then retype them with matching fonts and layouts and a whole load of stuff that you never knew Microsoft Word could do - at about 150 words per minute.

This intelligence was severely underestimated in his previous school and it cost them. And when I told them they nodded patronisingly as if I was talking about a cat that could open a tin or a dog that understood walkies.

I have long suspected that Boo is memorising dates.
Sometimes we go into a place we havn't been for a while, and he reams off the date of the last time we were there.

For Example: we were walking into the cinemaplex to see Monsters Vs Aliens during the Easter Holidays and he says
"Movies at Dundrum October 30 2008 is finished Mummy"
And I agree - he has to hear an answer like "that's right" in order to move on.

I considered the date he mentioned; it would have been Halloween Holidays which makes sense. Thinking about it now I realise there have been many other similar situations, but I never got around to checking, until now.

Tonight we were sitting on the kitchen couch watching "Big" with Tom Hanks on Sky Movies, and drawing on a tray with markers. He directs, I draw and I get him to write the odd bit or finish some details. It is very cosy and interactive and he likes it.

We are working the theme of "The Seasons" as Boo sees it. He gets me to draw a tree, with leaves or blossoms or fruit and new born or hibernating animals, depending on the Season,

and then a Calendar with the months of that season.

By Autumn, I was getting a little tired. Elizabeth Perkins and her giant poodle perm were starting to realise that Tom Hanks really was a Big Kid.....

so I just scrawled the numbers of August into the boxes. Then I wrote a 1 in the Monday box of September 2009 and Boo said -

"Rub it out, Rub IT OUT, Tuesday 1st September"

I looked and as all the August boxes were full, I said "no, Sunday is the 31st August, Monday is 1st September"

He insisted, so I checked my August numbers and I Had Missed the 25th out.
The 31st is a Monday. Boo was right.

I then asked him what day of the week my birthday is this year (then checked) - he was right. Mr Hammie's Birthday, His Nandad, His Aunt. All Spot on.

I have my own little Rainman here.
He doesn't buy his clothes at Kmart, prefering Zara, H&M and Next for jeans.

He has good life skills (Thanks To Saplings) and Excellent hair. But he has memorised the calendar.

Next Stop VEGAS!


and Mrs Doyle if you are reading - I am writing to Keith Barry, now.


Unknown said…
Wow what an amazing talent to have. He truely is your little genius :) Now if he can learn to count cards you and mr hammie will be rich ;) xx
Nick McGivney said…
We have such a narrow view of what constitutes brilliance, what is acceptable and what crosses somebody's idea of a line, what we should be in awe of and proud to be next to. Obviously that 'we' doesn't include someone who knows her son is a genius. I think I'd be awestruck, rooted to the spot (but only for a year or two. I'd eventually shake myself and get on with it.)

Wow. Go Boo go!
K.Line said…
Oh, this is wild! I love it. As a practically innumerate person, I am seriously impressed. Ask him what day my bday falls on this year (June 5)...
The Schutts said…
I love this story for a number of reasons.

1. You tell it so brilliantly
2. You have a gifted child (in the true, non autistic sense, not the condesending "oh he can do a cute trick" way)
3. You watch the movie Big with your kids. All kids should watch that movie and know that all adults have a child inside them too.

Whoo hoo for Boo!
Jules said…
Oh wow!What a wonderful child you have.I'm sure and you should be proud of him..;D
Looking forward on your next post.;D
Have a great day.
Unknown said…
I'm sure you are very proud to have that kind of bright kid.;D
You are so lucky to have him and be part of your beautiful life.;D
Lisamaree said…
K: He's awake, hang on..... FRIDAY!!

gotta do the school run now. Will check in again later and thanks all of you!!
Casdok said…
You must be bursting with pride! Way to go Boo!
Maisie May said…
That's fantastic. Who knows what else is going on in that head? The possibilities are so exciting and I'm delighted for ye all. Thanks for sharing, mx.
Mel said…
I have seen something similar on tv- amazing. Called Savant? A guy recently came to NZ from the UK promoting his autobiography and talking about his Aspergers and being a savant. His was to do with Maths. Incredible.
jazzygal said…
Your son a genius?? Doesn't surprise me in the least!!

An incredible talent for sure. He's a great boy. xx J
pamela said…
Ah sure anyone who ever met him knew he was quite the clever clogs, Gracie too (excluding an entire school of head patters but anyway). Watching him tap tapping away at the keyboard doing slight variations on the credit roll eg "assistant lighting director : Mel Gibson" always made me smile...
Elaine Caul said…
Boo has an amazing talent. It's something to be really proud of. I know he will have an endless list of possibilities when he's older.
Not only is it is amazing to hear about your son's genius but is it also lovely and delightful to hear, in between each line, your profound love and appreciation for his unique talents and abilities.
Nan P. said…
There is "being a special kid" and "being a Special Kid". Boo is obviously a "SPECIAL KID".

I know only 3 phone numbers, and that includes my home one, and my mobile one... I don't even know my work direct line, need to look it up before I can give (Thank goodness for phone-addressbooks!) So I am definitely in awe here!
Lisamaree said…
Tracy: thankyou. It is only 2009 so far, because he can't deal with future or past concepts so much, but we will keep going.

Nick: I think Bratty is pretty brilliant too, but without the words she finds it harder to express it. I just wish the rest of the world would catch on.

K-line: give me another date and I will check it too.

V.V.: I am a sucker for kids movies and Boo knows it. He realises it is the best way to get me to sit still - so he suggests films and then presents me with the markers and a tray... Thanks for appreciating that.

Summer and Solo: thankyou again for visiting from so far away. Yes he is a special kid - too smart for us!

Cas: I am proud of him, and a little freaked out!

Maisie: thanks for dropping in to H.S. I think the sky is the limit, now that he has the right people to teach him!

Mel: yes the word is Savant, but in the past people thought that the Autistic couldnt be taught basic life skills and logical academics, the "Savant" skill would be isolated. However, with the right kind of systematic, visual teaching Kids like Boo can learn to dress, make snacks, and care for himself independently too. Thankyou for dropping in. xx

Jazz: it's spooky. We tried out 2010 and 2011 this evening.. he was right!

Pam: so good to hear from you! I was wondering about you only last night. Yep, the Head patters were wrong.

3laine: Trinity here we come! (or Film School - not sure yet) Maybe you will be a lecturer by then hey?

La Belle: He's a full time job alright, takes and returns a lot of love - but I think I would have been bored otherwise, so we are a good match xx

Nan: Yep, A Super Kid in fact!
Clive said…
We're getting confused with ourselves - thought we had commented here already and was dropping by to add another comment when we realised we haven't!

We were seriously impressed with this skill that Boo has - the little man's dad immediately starting thinking about the card counting too!!

Finally got around to replying to that Q&A tag you sent us long since - hope you don't mind the canine angle!!
Cal said…
Wow, dates never compute right in my head so I am quite impressed. Perhaps I can hire him someday to organize my life for me? He'll probably be too busy saving the world...
K.Line said…
Oh man - I just looked it up and he's right! That's creepy smart...

OK, try my friend's birthday, October 20.
grufalomum said…
way to go BOO - what a star & of course I'm not surprised ...
Majorly impressed also at getting KLines birthday right too.
Just get that child on a plane to Vegas asap (oh maybe not at the mo- Swimne Flu) - so you can all retire & live in a manner you would like to be acustom too!!!!!!
Sister Wolf said…
WOW, that is the thing that the twins Flo and Kay can do, a very rare gift.

He is amazing. Can't wait to meet him.
Te said…
I knew a guy who would look at your credit card for a minute and then remember your number forever. Amazing! I have met lots of people who assume that every single person with Autism can do things like Boo. When I was 18 I used to try and see if I could find the amazing skill that I was sure each of the autistic children I looked after must could poo into a crayon container with perfect aim, but other than that I never discovered anything. Oh, once a girl told me all the flavours of colours by licking the picture book I was reading. But Boo's skill is way better. Boo for the win, you go boy!
Lisamaree said…
Te: Come the Apocolypse; pooing into small spaces will be a survival skill. So don't write those kids off yet!
The Savant aspect of autism is always overrated but I think that life skills should always be prioritised over memorising credit card numbers and counting cards.

However, Boo has learned his calender internally based on his interest in films and film release dates. So I think it captures what I have always maintained - follow the child!!!!
Anonymous said…
My wife's brother can do that too.
You can ask him any date in any year (e.g. what day was Christmas on in 1954) & he'll know the answer straight away.

He's in his 40s & has autism.
Mrs Doyle said…
Hi Hammie,
That's fantastic. I just clicked onto the Blog tonight and read with open mouth amazement about Boo's phenomenal talent. You must be bursting with pride and whereas of course as you say in response to one of the other comments - life skills etc take priority, for heavens sake introduce him to a pack of playing cards asap. I haven't stopped laughing since picturing yourself and Mr. Hammie sitting at the high rollers poker table in the Bellagio in Vegas, innocently winning millions courtesy of your truely amazing, genius son.

If he can crack memorising a pack of cards I would definitely send that letter to Mr Barry. His management company is Principle Management in Dublin and it would be a laugh to see what kind of response you got. I will certainly tell him about Boo if I get to meet him after the next show I go to see.
Lots of love to you, Mr H, Boo and Bratty
WendyB said…
I'm always wondering years later when exactly I bought some piece of clothing (see today's post). From now on when I get something, can we tell your son so I can check back with him in a few years? :-)
Skye said…
It is a fact that excellent hair is all a person needs to be rated a success in our modern world, so Boo is well on his way to global domination just like his mam!
Lisamaree said…
Skye: Excellent Hair is always given the priority that it deserves. xx

WendyB; just keep giving me film references to go with the fashion and he will catalogue them for you.

K:Line, Sorry, I asked him ages ago. Tuesday. We have tested up to 2011 so far. Not sure if he gets the leap year.

Mrs Doyle: you made me laugh so hard. Imagine you knowing Keith Barry's management company! His Tutor just saw it as an cue to make him work harder.

Sis: Yep, there are many. I think it just has to matter to them. Flo and Kay liked music, Boo likes movies so he has learned all the dates of release. He identified a 1976 Columbia logo tonight.
This is amazing. IM told me about your discovery last night. I say let's try it a Crown first before hitting the bright lights of Vegas.
Lisamaree said…
Mattie: I hear using the bathroom at Crown is optional. So if Boo wants to go "toilet like a tree" he should fit right in!
sharon Morris said…
Not surprised at all to hear that :)
Now get thee to a casino.