News; from the House of Hammie

We are all bunged up with colds and a very serious flu in the house. Bratty is in bits with flu and not herself at all. As many parents of high energy kids will know; that is sometimes "no bad thing" but it has been eerily quiet at times with no Bratty screaming at the computer or T.V.

The Boo man started his new school this week. LOVED IT!
I am amazed. As much as I longed for and wished for this, I was quite prepared for life to be hell for 3 months as he adjusted to having to work all the time, having people make him smarten up his act and for the fact that it was a drastic change.

But like a lot of things that we fret about in theory; the practice was fine. We did actually do a practice drive over there the day before, but without fuss. And I let Mr Hammie handle the little chats about "new school". Sometimes the low key approach is best and I did not do a big social story or any kind of transitioning preparation.
Dads really do have a purpose folks and Mr Hammie's approach was best here.

On the first day I was amazed to find him happy and relaxed to be getting dressed in the morning, and then we had a very neat hand over to his new tutor in the new classroom. He checked that I was going to be "around" and indeed I was, as they asked me to be within 10 minutes so I went shopping nearby. (two new pairs of jeans if you are interested)
At home time he was happy and even to my great shock, answered me when I asked what his favourite activity was; "Group Work".
It ain't all about 1-1 folks. It is about structure and curriculum's tailored to the individual strengths and needs of the child.

And no one is waiting for an assessment of any kind (which are all a little out of date to be honest, so much for the "multi-disciplinary model".)
The skills base of the personnel in the school is sufficient to be getting on with it and the clinical support will be referred to on a consultancy basis; and incorporated in his individual program.

So apart from no before school obstinance and no after school anxiety attacks what else have we noticed?

Well, Boo's little hands have started to heal. He still goes for them whenever he does not get his own way but is not chewing the hell out of them until they bleed.
The Supervisor contacted me mid week for information for new goals as everything they have probed him on so far he is achieving. Poor little fella must have been so bored in his outreach class. He is actually enjoying working hard and requested specific work goals with his tutor today.

I was very happy with how the week was going. We all have colds; No problem as Boo is in ABA. We are being woken in the night by Bratty who had not been taking her medicine properly; No problem as Boo as Full time ABA. And we are driving miles on the freeway and LOVING it, because Boo has full time ABA.

And the best part?
Today Mr Hammie rings me this morning after dropping Boo off to say that they were walking through reception and one of the staff said "Hello"
So Boo said; totally unprompted "Hello" back.
I mentioned it to his tutor and he said that EVERYONE in the school knew to greet Boo and look for eye contact. So that was what he was expected to do.

This is the first time in 6 years that we have heard a spontaneous naturally prompted (by someone saying hello) greeting out of the Boo.

Oh, and they think he is a genius (told ya!)

WE are sooo happy!!

Love light and Happiness to you all.
Boom Shankar.


Anonymous said…
Hi Hammie, sorry to hear about the colds and flus but thrilled that Boo has settled in so well. What a great start. Long may it continue.x
Lisamaree said…
Thanks rm9; and thanks to everyone who posted or sent emails and private messages to wish us well.
I am going to keep a diary of Boo's progress and if things hot up again, I will be using it to explain to the media what a difference a tailored evidence based provision makes. One less child "lost" to the system; one more active citizen in the making!

And to all the parents of older children? it is never too late.
If we can see this much difference in one week, when Boo is Smothered in cold; imagine what will be achieved when he is well?

And as for the so called "failed children" it is not the child who fails, but the system that fails the child. Fix the system, help the child.

Anonymous said…
Hi Hammie
Reading this latest post of yours was a joy. It's great to hear a success story and pg Boo continues to progress, sounds like he is in the right spot for sure. This is going to sound awful, but for a second was wishing my wee man was bit worse and could avail of ABA schooling. Although looking forward to him starting mainstream in September am riddled with anxiety as to how he will cope. But will cross bridges as they arise.
Of course Boo is a genius it's in his genes (and his ma has 2 new pairs!)Continued success to the whole Hammie Family.
Anonymous said…
Best news I heard all week! Looking forward to hear more about his progress. V
Anonymous said…

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