Guess which song?

"Out on the wiley, windy moors We'd roll and fall in green. You had a temper....."

Bratty looking gorgeous in her communion dress.


(Forgive me my indulgence, she is a beautiful child. Just don't make her angry...)


Anonymous said…
Hammie, she was gorgeous, hope you all had a ball on the day.
At first guess, I would say Kate Bush perhaps? I thought she was was a witch when she appeared on telly first.
By the way, we must be due a plate of scramblers soon?
Nick McGivney said…
I'm inspired by your devotion to your children, Hammlet. I have fierce admiration for your energy too. You remind me that even as fan and excrement connect, we are all made of the same clay. It's up to us if we make a beautiful porcelain angel or an ugly lumpy ashtray with what we're given. You did the angel thing...
Anonymous said…
Hope you had a special day. xx
Lisamaree said…
Thankyou Fr Dougal. Yes it is Kate and my little sylph reminded me of her as she looked so etheral on that sunny morning.
Nick, Hammlet!?! a boost to my vanity and my sense of humor on a busy morning. Thankyou.
It was a special day and even more special to have all of Bratty's favorite carers and tutors around to ours for a magnum of moet!! Felt very blessed myself that day. (and why wouldnt I?)
Anonymous said…
Wow Hammie, she did you proud..looks amazing. Glad you had a wonderful day, you all deserved it. Hope the bubbles did their job!
daizy said…
Hammie, your daughter is beautiful, glad you had a lovely day. You write with such clarity, honesty and wit. You are a true mother. Daizy.