Hammiesays: What?

Okay, just for fun I googled myself tonight to see what would come up. I had to seeing as Miss Imelda was bragging about knocking over Wikipedia to be the No 1 search for Imelda.
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So What comes up?:
Well, the first try; "Hammies" gave me 10 different sites for raising dwarf hamsters (dwarf? aren't they small enough already?) I didn't click on next. Who ever does?

The second try "Hammie" got me closer up the list with a link. I made tenth spot so at least I was on the front page

But much higher up is this guy:

"Hamilton Flutes"
Fabulous. You must click on the link yourselves and keep in mind that a flute in Aussie slang is another word for man bits.

Note: I am also behind Hammie the Squirrel in the Dreamworks film "Over the Hedge". Respect.

"Hammiesays": brings me in at 4th place! Behind an unsolicited advertising link, and the parents website "rollercoaster" where all my virtual friends live.

"Hammiesblog" gives me number 1.

Okay, this is a rubbish post. But I am still bagless, and coutureless. Although I have been given flowers AND wine, a new phone (thankyou!!!), an offer of some prada wedges (yess) and a wardrobe garnish from generous bloggers and readers. The world is a beautiful place really and I am so heartened by your empathy and compassion.

I also want to thank the Bangarda (which means lady policeman) for going to the airport especially to watch the cctv to check whether my bag was taken off the coach at the airport. It was not. So I am still vaguely hopeful. Thankyou so much Ms Garda.

Having a great week really. Bratty is settling in so well to her new ABA school. She only had a short day on Monday, but when we went back to pick up her brother, she walked back into her classroom and sat down for a bit more work. Classic.
Really could not have hoped for better. Considering her work rate has been increased sixfold; minimum. (previous setting was 15 responses every hour, new setting is 15 responses per 10 minutes; TO BEGIN WITH)
She is exceeding all expectations and they already think she is very clever indeed.

But I just wanted to relate a little thought I had wandering around London, in between getting robbed.

I realised, that if I compare my life now; to when I was a teenager. I am MUCH happier now.
Even though my life did not turn out the way my high school year book would have predicted; I have a good loyal husband who has put up with me for over 20 years. (child bride) Two very beautiful and clever children who just happen to have autism and the rest; who really love me.

I am not saying that I would not turn back the clock and allow Bratty and Boo to be born without special needs. But since they do have a package of "extras" they have both developed an incredible strength of personality and character which has shored them up and now, with the right help, they are beginning to shine.

You know how I lost my phone? Well I rang home on a payphone next day, and being aussie I wanted to get my value out of that pound coin so at 50 pence, I asked Mr Hammie to put Boo on.

We had a conversation. No prompts. No Mr Hammie with his ear to the reciever telling Boo what to say.
I asked the questions and Boo answered. And then he finished with our favourite catchphrase from the dreaded "Barney".

Picture me alone and phoneless, an irish sea away from my family.

I say to my Boo "And remember?"

And he says back "I LOVE YOU"



Sister Wolf said…
Beautiful. I wish I'd been blessed with a mom like you.
Nick McGivney said…
The world could be falling apart around your ears, earthquakes, floods, fire,pestilence and warts on yer privates all at once, TWO politicians on your doorstep at the same time and a booming voice from the clouds saying 'THE END OF THE WORLD IS NOW ACTUALLY' but if somebody somewhere said 'Oh look at the Manohlo Blahniks!' all that would be forgotten IN AN INSTANT!

I quit. You're all insane.
Anonymous said…
Hammie, I pictured it and thanks for making me cry..this is my second time today!! my wee man finished playschool today and of course I got choked watching his teachers say goodbye to him..I know they love all the kids in the playschool but they all have a special kinda love for my bundle of joy..so I am in a teary kind of mood today anyway..just while I was watching the rest of the kids with their moms talking about going to big school in September and the kids understanding that they won't be going back to playschool, I had a self-pitying moment..my wee man hasn't a clue about any of that and man that's so hard! but tryin not to dwell on that and convince myself that come september he will be grand in mainstream..interviews for his sna took place yesterday so pg they will have picked the best one.

I am really happy for you that both your little ones have settled and are doing so well at school but would have expected no less with them having such a clever ma!

Elizabeth said…
Lovely indeed. I think everyone could use a mom like you.
Lisamaree said…
Sis W, Sesame and Enc "shucks" I am lucky to have kids like mine.
Nick:just exactly what is wrong with shoes being the answer- to everything?