That is the sound of my house at the moment. We are at the end of week 2 of 4 weeks of school holidays and I am a little edgy. Downstairs it is "Marmeee! where are you?" And "Clean it, CLEAN IT, clean the DVD!" (covered in smudgey gunky finger prints they freeze and won't play)

And upstairs it is ear splitting screams and squeals as Bratty goes from enjoying a video of Teletubbies obsessively, to complaining when the screen goes snowy as the tape begins to wear out.
Then she starts the little tarantella dance on the wooden floorboards that keep my anxiety levels nice and high. I am thinking of developing a twitch, just to use up the adrenaline.

Yes, the thought has occured that we need to get rid of all the electronic entertainment but what would they do then? I can only entertain one child at a time. And cutbacks mean that we do not have our daily help that we used to get in the holidays. Just our afternoon angel who gives me a chance to take one child out at a time, to give them a break from each other.

Oh god I sound like such a whinger!!! I am sorry. I woke up tired. Bratty isnt sleeping or is sleeping then waking early and screaming again.

"where's Mummy?" I gotta go. Boo's computer is having a time out in the cupboard and the time is nearly up.

I have a lovely post half written. Stay with me. I will be back..........................



The Seeker said…
Dear we absolutly understand.
Take your time, do what you need.
We'll be here waiting for you.
We love you, so...

Nick McGivney said…
Still hanging in with ya. Sounds remarkably like my house, not so funnily enough...
Anonymous said…
This too will pass and we are all here patiently waiting. I visited my sis in law with 3 typical kids - sounds very much like what you described. It's all ahead of me...And one of my friends committed suicide (shot herself) and all I could think was "You have TWO HEALTHY children WHY?!!!"
Sister Wolf said…
Don't take away the electronics. Wine and tranquilizers might take the edge off.

You are my higher power! You will make it. xoxoxo
enc said…
Everybody needs a break sometime.

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