Happy Birthday Bratty!

On this day in 1999, Mon Ange ou Demon arrived in my life to make me laugh and ..smile.

She is 9 today and sang "Happy..Bert-dai" with me this morning. Then we counted 9 kisses.

(then we disagreed about wearing a party dress, she went into school in her H&M Tee-dress as usual)
As you know I rarely post photos of the real "us" but this happy snap lives on top of the dresser outside her room, and cannot be moved. Or else she says "I Want - Mummy and ----"
And I think it captures exactly how I feel about her.

A scan of a laminated snap from her "flash cards" set. I wish I had the original but alas..

So wish my Bratty a happy 9th Bert-dai.

Now I have to put on my pinny and go ice an Oswald Cake for her school party.

Cake: shop bought victoria sponge covered in home made icing with Blue food coloring
Legs: Fig rolls cut diagonally and iced as above
Mouth and eyes: Liquorice from Sweet shop
Hat: From Mr Potato Head, The Clockwork Orange Edition
Weenie the dog: Fig roll as above dressed with colored icing and liquorice


Skye said…
Happy Bert-dai Bratty! I always think that a birthday greeting to a child should go double to the parent/s who have brought them so far. So a huge happy 9th Bert-dai to you too Hammie!

That is such a lovely photo of the two of you
Cathal's Mammy said…
happy happy birthday Bratty!!!
Sesame said…
HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY to a really pretty little girl..She is beautiful Hammie - lovely snapshot. Have a wonderful day and 'party like it's 1999'
Anonymous said…
Happy 9th birthday Bratty, have a lovely day. That is a gorgeous piccie.
Nick McGivney said…
Happy birthday and enjoy cake number 9! I hope you're smiling all day like the photo!
Anonymous said…
Happy 9th birthday to a gorgeous Bratty and to all the Hammies today. Big huggle and snuggle to you all.
From all the Hennies
Anonymous said…
Happy borthday to you
Happy birthday too youuu
Happy birthdaaaaaay
Happy birthdaaaaaay
(Now aren't you glad I don't have your phone number - singing is NOT one of my many talents)
Lovely girl, lovely mummy.
ATenorio said…
What a sweet pic! Happy Birthday to her, and as my Sis would say, Happy Birth Day to you too as well Hammie! =)
Anonymous said…
WOOOOOW. As a relative newcomer, I've gotta first say that you BOTH are simply GORGEOUS. I adore that photo and your beautiful smiles.

And then happy, happy bday to little Virgo Bratty. Give her hugs and llama kisses from me.
K.Line said…
She is just gorgeous and so are you! What a darling girl. I wish her the best year so far. (And excellent nights of sleep which will allow her to be that much more smiley in the daytime! :-))
Nan P. said…
I wish the most beautiful Bratty a Very Happy Birthday, and send her a BIG virtual cake with nine BIG virtual candles (any shape, any colour and any flavour she wants, as long as they are all BIG!).

I also send Hammie a HUGE virtual bouquet just because… If it was me, I would probably choose heavily sensed tiger lilies, but it’s YOUR bouquet, YOUR choice!

And to top it all, Hammie, I send you a Nan’s big HUG for posting the photo. You look Brill! Pity we don’t see more!… Don’t rule out the modelling yet, girl! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Bratty, and what a sweet photo, she looks so happy with her Mummy!
Lisamaree said…
Thankyou all! she had a lovely day and we enjoyed singing Happy Birthday again in school with a lot of the kids from other classes coming to join in too.
Cannot believe I made that cake; phew. Took me all morning and I still have blue hands.
We brought him home and gave him dermabrasion with a knife dipped in boiling water to heal up all the candle marks and thumb holes; then played with it all over again. This show will run and run.

Thankyou too; to all of you who wished me a Happy Birth Day. I am feeling more upbeat about Bratty this year than ever. Sure; we don't even have the typical milestones in sight anymore. But we are looking at our own goals now and feeling good.

Elizabeth said…
This is heartwarming. What a beautiful photo, what a beautiful girl, and what a beautiful mommy.

Happy birthday to Bratty.
Seeker said…
Happy 9th Bert-dai Bratty!!!!!!!!!

Also happy aniversary to you Hammie!

You both look amazing, she's sooo beautiful.

Hummmmm.... and that cake looks so yummy, now I want a slice of cake ;)

All the best for the years to come!!!!!

Sister Wolf said…
Oh my! Too beautiful for words.

And plus I love her joyful smile.

Happy birthday, and thanks for letting us have a peek!
Anonymous said…
Oh Bratty, you are too cute and Happy 9th Birthday, to you both.
Seeker said…
Thank you for your words of support about the foundation we are starting. You know how they are apreciated.
Thank you sweetheart.
Anonymous said…
Happy, Happy Birthday Bratty!! You are a gorgeous girl!! And the cake doesn't look too bad either!!!
WendyB said…
I laughed Snapple out my nose when I saw that cake.
Anonymous said…
Hey Hammie,
Only seeing this now. So belated happpy birthday to a super girl and her wonderful Mom. I love the cake - dunno if I'd eat it though:-)
Casdok said…
Beautiful photo!

Belated Happy Bert-dai!
The Spicers said…
Beautiful photo! have a great day.
jazzygal said…
What a beautiful photo and a wonderful cake! Woman of many talents!

It's SO good to see her looking so happy!!

Glad it went well for you.
bronwyn said…
happy birthday to your sweet daughter Hammie:)
Happy belated Birthday beautiful angel. For your 10th b'day Aunty Immie will send you first pair of 'Big Girl' Taser Heels. xxxx
Gracie:) said…
*slinking in* Happy Birthday, extremely belated as it is.
*slinking out*