Insight-er Trading

The gorgeous Sal of Already Pretty gave me this very pretty award this week;

For which I feel truly blessed and honored. Thankyou Gorgeous.

Of course, by the time I sat down tonight to read my daily blogs a lot of the people I was planning to pass this on to had either just received it; or already had it displayed in the awards cabinet of their margins.

So I had a little think, and decided that these awards have to start somewhere,

Why not with me?

Why not create my own little Blogies?

(to rhyme with Logies or, if you are from anywhere other than Australia - Yogies)

to hand out As and when I felt like it; with no particular rules.

And to honor the lady, the missionary of self esteem and soldier of making the most of your good fortune; who actually inspired me to take this picture a few Sundays ago;

I have created...

For Beautiful thoughts, Beautiful words, beautiful pictures. Making the most of your own beauty, whatever your "day job" or background. Finding beauty in the world. Making beauty for the world. Talking about beauty in all its permutations. Telling us about Beautiful shoes, Beautiful clothes, beautiful ways to wear those clothes; and wear them again.
For being a beautiful and tough friend, for taking the time to look at what you have and share it's beauty. For making me laugh, big beautiful belly laughs that push away my worry lines and make me more beautiful.

Step up Sal, this first award is dedicated to you.

May it be shared around the world!

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

Thanks for helping me to see my own beauty; one post at a time. *Applause*

My next nomination for this award is for the Worldly Seeker .
The Seeker is Searching the "Inner Me" somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, and she always shows her outer self to her beautiful best with her well planned and creative wardrobe.
However, her greatest gift to me is always when she comments on my posts and makes me think even harder about what I have tried to say.
You see Seeker blogs in English as a second language, so her words are always true to meaning; Truer in the absence of cliché or platitude. A true Insight-er Trader.
And that is all from the podium tonight.
I will leave you all to toast the two winners, and drink up all the left over champagne from the other tables while everyone else is up on the dance floor, trying to do "Nutbush" while falling out of a strapless dress.
'til next time.


Skye said…
Is that part of a campaign, or is it just random loveliness!

Either way I like it...
Seeker said…
My darling, my beautiful, my lovely, I'm so honoured with this award you've created with such a nice picture.
I applaud your idea and feel so flateared for receiving it.
Thank you so much for all the nice and kind words about me (I had to see what is platitude :S lol don't tell anybody :))
But you made me think about that and you got a point, what I say is what I want to say, with my misspellings but without second thoughts.

I know I've said this already but I'll never stop saying "I'm so glad we found each other", I admire you and I love our "trades".
Thank you for being part of my life.

Sending much love

Skye said…
It's part of a Hammie campaign - I should have known straight away!

I've thought about inventing my own Blogie before too, I shall watch yours travel around the blogosphere with glee!
Sister Wolf said…
What a good idea. Starting your own awards....I want to see more of this!
K.Line said…
I LOVE this H! Great award. And congrats to you. xo
Anonymous said…
Well you'd better award one to yourself then!!
Elizabeth said…
Congratulations on your award, Hammie. It's the least you deserve.

I also think you made two great picks with your new award. I am always inspired by both Sal, and Seeker.

And YOU, of course.
Melmo Momoko said…
that's such an amazing idea! And i think the award is perfect for The Seeker! she's really beautiful!
bronwyn said…
Congrats on the award dear Hammie, well deserved. I love the award you created and I couldn't agree with you more about our lovely Seeker, her genuine spirit and honesty shines through in her blog and in the comments she makes.
Anonymous said…
Hammie, for the love of ... you made me cry. Love you, honey.
Seeker said…
Blogie award proudly shining in blog's margin, beauty.

Now to pass it on (which I want) rules must be set.
How many blogs can we pass? 2?

And I want to put a rule that each person that would receive this award must link to your blog, because you've created it and I think that that must be spread.
We never know from where the awards start.

Waiting for you to tell me.
Have a resting night and a sunshine day.
Viva La Seeker...she is the best poser in the biz.
Seeker said…
My dear I've passed my blogie award to two other bloggers and also to... YOU :D

Congratulations to you!!

I love that you invented your own award to celebrate beauty in the blogosphere. Seeker is a blogging beauty, there is no doubt about that.
I am so delighted to receive the award you created from Seeker. I look forward to passing on the award and spreading the beauty.:-)
Songy said…
So this is where it all began. Nice to meet you too, Hammie.

My hat is off to you!
I'm sure you are super busy.
Finding time to blog is incredible.
I am guessing this is 'your' time for relaxation. Is that right?