Not just talking about it, Doing it....

Click here to read about how Wendyb and the rest of the blog community are rallying around to support a fellow blogger who was terribly injured in a small plane crash last month. There is a beautiful necklace to bid for and as the bids go up, Wendy is adding more treasures to the haul. Feel good and look good at the same time.


Skye said…
It's so wonderful the way people are rallying around, definitely the magical side of the blogging world.

PS. on the subject of jewellery I have posted your tiny parcel today - the post office assure me it will arrive in 7-10 days...
WendyB said…
I'm definitely hoping to get to at least $500. Cross your fingers!
Anyone who can afford it would be crazy not to have that pendant engraved by a true artist. It's worth much more than $500!
Hammie said…
Yay! thanks Skye. Will look forward to getting a parcel for ME! (not just DVDs from ebay for Boo)
The Seeker said…
I wish I would have money to make a huge bid, but.... (I live on a budget)

However I think that this is the proof that "virtual friends" can be soooooooo important, don't you think?
Things don't happen randomly...

Hammie said…
I hope you do Wendyb, it is a beautiful piece. And Seeker, I can't bid either (Too poor) but I sure can post and maybe one of my readers will treat themselves to a beautiful necklace that carries very very good karma.
Sending good thoughts and wishes out to Stephanie and Christian.
K.Line said…
Isn't Wendy amazing? She has hit $500 at this point. Enc is bidding like crazy. She may just be the lucky winner!
MR style said…
oh yeah we have to help her
enc said…
It's a great cause.
The Seeker said…
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