Recycle Your old Phone

Keith Duffy of Boyzone

With Boo and Bratty


Nan P. said…
I have seen the ads in the press. Unfornuately I do not have any to contribute as this time, but good idea.

As for the photo, three true starts! You must be proud! ;-)
Half rabbit said…
Who is the person in the middle?
K.Line said…
Wow, Bratty's hair is so long and lush! (And she looks older / taller than in the last photos.) Has B had a growth spurt?
enc said…
Hammie, those children are beautiful.
The Seeker said…
What a lovely photo!!!!!
And so eco-friendly.
I think it would be a great publicity post on a big outdoor.

Thank dear for sharing it.

Hammie said…
Nan, Enc, K-Line, yes they are beautiful and yes I think Bratty has had a growth spurt. She was not co-operating with the main shoot, but the photographer spotted her across the park and said he would work super quick if we brought her over. She loved the flash! Poor Boo had been workin' it all morning!

Seeker; thankyou, I hope the PR company reads this!

HR: HA! okay, you are too young so I added a title. Try downloading a little Boyzone, you might like it!
Imelda Matt said…
Da babies look so cuuuuuuuuuute.
Make Do Style said…
Ah cute photo better than my one last year with KD in dublin at the Ireland Wales match!! And for a better reason - geez I was hungover from the night before!
The Seeker said…
I gave you more two awards, please check my blog.
Songy said…
How adorable are they! :)
Those are some good looking kids! And I love Bratty's porcelain skin. Delightful on a child.
Sal said…
Just look at those gorgeous kiddos.
Absolutely beauties. Skin like in a painting---luminous. Doing good ads to their radiance.;-)

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