Another Beautiful Blogger

To K-Line
I have been moved to bring this award out of semi-retirement by what can only be described as the best post of the year: "Cue Cleavage", along with it's sister post "Size Doesn't matter"
These posts combined all the good things I have learned about blogging in the last 12 months:
There was Self Esteem, Making the Most of your Assets, An Appreciation of Diversity, along with a good dose of Fashion Advice and technical support (literally).
And to keep all our viewers happy, there were also some pretty pictures of lingerie, to excite both the feminine appreciation of pretty things, and the heterosexual male or lesbitious appreciation of Boobies and more....
K-line is ALWAYS a skillful blogger, in that very female - "I am so good at this you can't even appreciate how hard it is" - way that working mothers often have.
Well I know how bloody hard it is. You only have to look at the Hesperus-like wreck of this blog to see what can happen when a girl gets other responsibilities.
So I really admire what you do, every day (almost) and I wanted to tell you.
Big Hugs and a kiss on each cheek as I hand you your award....


Seeker said…
Oh, how great!!!
Indeed K* IS a Beautiful Blogger!!!!
Well done (as always) Ms H*

Have a Gorgeous Christmas time, my darling!

K.Line said…
Oh Hammie: This is the most delicious of awards. Thank you so, so much for thinking of me and for your lovely comments. It is my pleasure to come up with fun lingerie for my gorgeous blogger friends! Merry Xmas xoxo
Seeker said…
Ms H* how do you do that??? Touching that point that isn't very visivel, but it's so important? Can you read minds?
(Talking of the last comment you made in my blog)
Love you for understanding me so well!!!!!

K.line is an absolutely brilliant blogger. I love the posts you mentioned, actually I love all of her posts. Well deserved, K.line.

Happy Christmas!!
Joyeux Noel H...about to board the express train to the 'rat and we won't be back until Boxing Day. IM and I want to wish you a safe flight and we can't wait to see your beautiful face...counting the days.xxxxx
Candice DeVille said…
Here Here! A very well deserved award to a very special and clever woman.
Songy said…
This is nice. K.Line must be happy! :)

Happy Holidays, Hammie.
Elizabeth said…
K.Line is definitely the greatest, I'll venture.
Anonymous said…
Here here! Well deserved praise for a really marvelous post from a superfantastic lady.