It's Better....

As you can see I have changed my layout. Might play around with a few different ones over the next few weeks. Let me know what you think. (please) Do you think it's Better?

I have also been updating The Other Blog

with photos of Boyzone at The Keith Duffy Masquerade Ball, held last night.

Where Ms Hammie was shaking her 40 year old groove thang in the front row of the free concert given by Boyzone last night.

Keith, Ronan and Mikey

No pictures of me, I was holding the Iphone.

I still love Keith obviously, but am a bit smitten with the lovely Stephen now too as he put on quite a show, and yes, at times made me feel like he was singing to me.

Okay, I understand that he is spoken for, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't go out shopping and dining and dancing together.
Oh, and I managed to give Ronan a kiss on the way out....
More later. Come on! I was up until 3am!!
Cannot embed the Youtube video yet, just click on Better and watch it yourself. Ahhhhhhhh. He's lovely.


Sesame said…
Oh you jammy so the Boyz...wud say u gave dat 40yr young butt of urs a mighty shake..can imagine it was a great nite...

"I had a picture of you in my mind...never knew it could be so wrong...Why'd it take me so long just to find...the friend that was there all along"

"See what I'm try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
With you here it's better"

Awh Hammie I could sing to you all day...only I haven't a note in my head...
Anonymous said…
Hammie! You incorrigible flirt! Didn't know you had it in you. ;)
Elizabeth said…
Oh how fun, Hammie! Boyzone, aren't they all 40 too? ;)

I was afraid when I clicked on the link you got rid of the little pink star guy. I'm glad he's still front and center!!!
What a fun way to celebrate your entry into the 40's, a fab flashback to the adolescent years. Sounds like you had a fantastic time.
K.Line said…
Love this. How nice to be up till 3 am dancing with gorgeous guys (rather than with wakeful kiddies!)
Nan P. said…
Hammie, Hammie, what kind of a fan are you?

You say that you were in the front row, but where are you in the photo?

How can we believe they posed for you in a that group photo: you are not in it!!!

And you kissed Ronan??? Again: photo, please!

Anyway, sounds like you had great fun! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Oh my god - we are so very jealous (yes, we are and we have to face it!). It sound like you had a wonderful night - well deserved.

And what did you wear?!!!

As for feeling that you didn't do enough at the start... if the experience of my own child has taught me anything, it is that I never feel that I have done enough - and I suspect that I never will. We do the best we can with what we have - and we try more, and more but it is never enough. Your kids couldnot have had a better mom - you know that
Lisamaree said…
Sesame, I was in Heaven.

Sal and enc; I am a total groupie,one of the few benefits of being a smurf is squeezing through crowds. And enc. they are all a little younger than me. Just a tinsey bit.

Mrs C; I would never cancel Sploshy! Boo drew him. I will commission a pink gold sploshy from Wendy B when I make my first million.

La Belle and K-L
You bet ya! It was most enlivening!

Nana, Oh Nana!
I took the photos on the iphone. And I look hideous in photos so wouldn't dare spoil them by trying to get in them.
I kissed Ronan in front of my husband, he was standing at the door when we were leaving. But seriously, I think I would have hugged Stephen by the end of it!

V:I will post a picture of the frock, selected after approval from Wah and Sister Wolf.
So much to be jealous of, but I wish you all could have been there. My good friend Mrs Doyle is a huge Keith Barry fan and I was simply willing her to be there with all my power of thought, as he did his tricks.
Songy said…
This is so cool. I remember them from years ago!

Like the new layout. We could have your logo smaller or have it on the side bar.. What do you think?
WendyB said…
"I understand that he is spoken for, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't go out shopping and dining and dancing together. " -- brilliant!
jazzygal said…
Sounds like such fun could you bear to leave??! More photos and gossip....PLEASE!!

A well deserved night out for you and Mr Hammie.
xx J
Seeker said…
Seems you enjoyed it a lot and had much fun. I'm glad, sweetheart.

Is there more pictures??

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Lots of love
Skye said…

I just deleted my comment because I realised that perhaps certain Irish boy band members might just think it was a little bit defamatory - so Hammie check your inbox for gossip!

Mr Hammie, watch your wife - that's all I'm saying...
Nick McGivney said…
Nothing like a new frock for Christmas. I'm learning to live with my Boyzone jealousy though. How come THEY get to spend time with you!
Lisamaree said…
Oh my god! Nick you have just won the "smoothy of the year award"
How the bloody hell are ya?
Mad things happening over here.
Anonymous said…


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