M M M! mmarvellous reasons to laugh; daily.

This made Bratty and me laugh today

Well she actually laughed more when I did the M M M! for her.
And all this made me laugh:

Putting Boo to bed, his bedtime routine which starts with "Goodnight Sleeptight, Have a good dream, hope it comes true. What are you going to dream about?"

His answer: "Dream about days" (as usual)
"With Sky Movies" and then "Simpson's Boxed set Season 7"

Be Aspirational.

Bratty was "working it" in the middle of the kitchen imitating the Wiggles "Rockabye your Bear" dance to get a Jelly teddy. Then rejected a Green jelly teddy saying

"I - Want - Pink!".

Daddy got to eat the green ones. (don't blame her, green jellies have a taint)

Bratty standing at the bottom of the last hill in Crone Woods as we continued to climb and she felt she had gone far enough. Embiggen it and you can see she actually had her legs crossed in a faux casual pose.

In the end she gave up and ran up the hill but came straight to us and said "CAR!"

Back to Boo, who when asked what he wanted to pack for his holiday to Australia in January:

Answer: "Duck Dodgers" (Costume)

There followed a discussion of the relative benefits of Shorts and T-Shirts for Summer, over Jeans and Jumpers, for Winter.

I think my sisters would like him to bring Duck Dodgers over though...

Seeing a tired and cosy little Bratty tucked up under her duvet at 9am watching her television in her bed. AFTER she had been up since whatever-the-fuh it'- still- dark am dancing and stomping her feet on the wooden boards and demanding once again that I get up. This time I hid in the living room in 2 dressing gowns beside the gas fire watching Sky Family Movies and drinking Chocolite.
(with leftover Brownie)

You see, there are some really tough days (and nights) but for the most part the laughs keep you going. (good for the complexion too)

Now to you: What made you laugh recently?



Nick McGivney said…
Yeah. You could spend your entire time kicking against it, couldn't you? But at the end of the day it's the only game in town. I love your photos. I can taste that fresh air on Crone Hill. Keep on troopin', trooper.

Embiggen? Perfect.
Skye said…
Well all of those made me laugh (especially Duck Dodgers), and I might have had a wee chuckle at the thought of you and I folding t-shirts at Country Road Pacific Fair while shaking it to Black Box...
K.Line said…
I love it when Martha says MMMMM. I just laughed at that too.
I had to laugh at being told by a plucky Telstra employee I need to call back for a third time to have our phone redirected!!!!
Cal said…
What an awesome post! I needed a little giggle today and you, Boo and Bratty have provided that for me. As always I am impressed with your ability to find the good in every situation. Thanks for your positivity!
Anonymous said…
I laughed because my boss is called Martha, and I love the idea of her doing the "emememememem" dance.

What exactly are Duck Dodgers, Hammie?
Seeker said…
Oh darling, such a lovely post.
I laughed with Martha too, no wonder you also laughed it's so cute.
And I feel you're having joy in you, I'm I wrong? Hope not.
But seems you're seeing things for the better side :)

Yes I think you should do a re-fit at your banner, you can still use that picture that is your mark, but try to fill the whole header.

All the best, sweetheart.
Elizabeth said…
This adorable post made me laugh recently. Your kids are charming and lovely.

Andrea Eames said…
All of those made me laugh :D What a fantastic post to read first thing in the morning!

Lisamaree said…
Nick, thankyou. Yes, much more fun to enjoy it.

Skye: I was the spiv queen of CR.

K: Yes, it is marvellous and retro and nostalgic. God bless Youtube.

Matt:The nerve!

Cal: Thankyou, but they really are that funny.

Sal: Would your boss do the Marvellous Martha dance? (and can you put it on Youtube?)

Duck Dodgers is Daffy Duck dressed up as a space avenger, (parody of Buck Rogers) WB Cartoons, Circa: Last century. Boo loves him and demanded that costume for Halloween. It includes orange beak makeup. (embiggen it)

Seeker: Thankyou, I am thinking about it.

enc: thankyou. They are pretty delicious alright.

Andrea: Thankyou. Glad you liked it!
Songy said…
mmmmMMM MMMM That's stuck in my head now.

Oh about three years ago I figured out my 70-210 mm lens actually came out so that I can shoots things really far away. That was after having that lens for more than 10 years. (ahem.. I'm sure you are laughing now). Now three years ago when I got my DSLR I mounted this lens onto it and it didn't work.. so I thought oh well. That's that then.

Only yesterday I found out that lens was supposed to work with my DLSR. I did some googling. So now I have four SLR lens!
What a dim wit am I? So much for a geek.
Anonymous said…

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