Me and my new Beau

Pat Kenny, host of The Late Late Show and Yours Truly
I wasn't fast enough to get down to the Stage and pose with the Boyz, but Pat being a consummate professional let Mr Hammie take my photo with the iPhone.
I had a brilliant night. The Boyz performed 7 songs and I was in the back row so I was up dancing and my hands are sore from clapping, my voice hoarse from whooping and hollerin'.
Oh my god, I think I am a 40 year old groupie, in Wolford Tights, and Kurt Geiger Mary-Janes.
Our Skater didn't win, :(
But he was a real honey and I think we will see even greater things from the lovely Brian Ormond. I got to meet him too but that photo needs serious photo-shopping so will post it on the other blog tomorrow.
My dress was absolutely fab-ou-lous so I will put it on again tomorrow and make Mr Hammie take my photo again while I still have my good hair on.
I have freebies to give away for Festivus; Some iPod and iPhone cover thingies that we got in the goody bag and a cd of Boyzone's Greatest Hits.
Just answer the 4 questions on the Other Blog
Competition closes when I put Bratty to bed on Monday Night, 22/12/08. GMT
Winners drawn from a hat.


Skye said…
You look outstandingly glamorous (and grown-up), can't wait to see the whole ensemble!
Seeker said…
OMG I'll look forward to see more pictures!!!!
What a gorgeous lady I see in this picture!!!!!

Nick McGivney said…
Absolute sexpot.

(And you don't look too shabby either by the way, Hammie.)
K.Line said…
Um, could you be more gorgeous! So sexy. I can't wait to see more!!
Nan P. said…
OK Hammie,

Let me say this:

1. You look great, don't be photo-shy, try and overcome it as you are well worth the peep on the blog (sniff, I am so proud of my virtual grand-daughter)

2. Because of you and the whole skating thing, I ended up watching the whole Late Late, have not done that since Gerry hosted it (he is SO much better than Pat) and had been YEARS before that

3. found myself humming to the Boyzzz... Hummmm must be something in the air! (am more rock really, U2 and the Peppers would be more my thing)

Pity neither IAA nor DSI won, but still my texts hoepfully did something good (and I didn't forget you).

Can wait for the dress, with the hair do - e.g. with the lovely Hammie face ;-)
Sesame said…
Was such an enjoyable show I even recorded it in case i missed the tiniest part...Brian did very well shame he didn't win...was looking forward to seeing you collect the cheque from the Boyz...but they were all worthy charities...and as for the wonderful Keithy babe..u gotta love him..cheeky plugs for autism at every opportunity...dats what we want...and wee Eoghan was brilliant with that's in the know set about getting him onboard the autie bus get us more publicity...Look forward to seeing the pic of you with Brian cause am sorry although you look ab fab in that photo Pat just doesn't do it for me....
Lisamaree said…
You are all so sweet! Thanks to Pat I was standing in good lighting. And I was having a good hair day.
I have added the competition link to the Other Blog so please enter.
And Nan, I think we all support Special Olympics so it kind of split the vote!
Sister Wolf said…
Yep, you look adorable. Where the hell are the purple boots, though?!?
Elizabeth said…
LOL, Nick!^^

He's right, you know.
Style On Track said…
Aww.... what a lovely photo, you look stunning :)
Anonymous said…
Have I told you lately how GORGEOUS you are?
The Spicers said…
You look positively gorgeous Hammie!
emsydo said…
wow. boyzone...that brings back memories.
you look lovely!
Songy said…
LOL. Groupie! That is quite funny.
You look stunning!