My Christmas Plans

Have just posted on the other blog my plans to follow my own christmas traditions and avoid last years debacle.
The other blog is suffering from Commentarexia; Would you be so kind as to visit and let me know what you think?
And if I don't hear from you again; Happy FESTIVUS!!!
May we all support The Human Fund, this year.


Make Do Style said…
Have a hammietastic holiday!
Make Do Style said…
Me again - did you mean there weren't enough comments. I think if that is the case you need a few shoreter blogs to hook people in and intially be more topical ie find a popular news story and put a spin on it eg the bush shoe throwing incident - relate it to public behaviour that you've mentioned before - being stared at fiercly because the person thinks the kids are playing up. Or talk about how you'd like a shoe throwing room for when it gets tough and frustrating.
Just a suggestion .... I'm a complete dunce on the subject matter
Elizabeth said…
Ah, the Festivus for the rest of us.

Happy Xmas in advance.
Te said…
I didn't even know you HAD another blog. Hahaha, commentarexia..okay, I am heading over now to feed it.
WendyB said…
I can't feed your other blog's latest post...I don't have any Xmas traditions!
Anonymous said…
Love to you and yours, Hammie. Enjoy the festivus!
Seeker said…
I will go check your post my dear.
Meantime enjoy the Festivus, my dear with all your beloved ones.
Much Love

Nan P. said…
Just came back to this post, and then flipped over to the 2 links. Last Christmas sounds as if it was very "interesting"... :-%

So I do hope you do Exactly What You Want.

Please let us know how it goes for you this year.