Chillin' down under on his holliers

That's Boo.
(Beaming Boo to you.)


Anonymous said…
He has that look about him, is he just discovering chicken flavoured twisties?
Skye said…
That's a good lookin' boy you have there Ms Hammie!
Hammie said…
Hey Cybil, YOU BET YA! That rentacar is going back on Wednesday: Twistiefied! You gotta love that chemically-never-been-near-a-chicken-goodness!
Skye: I know! and my good looking nephew took the photo.
Sal said…
What a handsome cuss.
Nan P. said…
Saying "boo" to Boo, and hoping you are all enjoying yourself.

And I agree with the other comments: handsome, very handsome. Better watch out, Hammie dear!
K.Line said…
He's such a doll! Hope you are all having a great time!
Anonymous said…
What a happy and good looking boy! I wonder who does he take after :) ?
The Seeker said…
Oh yes, such a lovely and handsome young boy, my dear!!!
Be proud :)

Make Do Style said…
gorgeous photo - so happy is it the antipodean air?
Songy said…
Hi, Boo. He looks relaxed. I bet his is having a good time~!
Sesame said…
"They need it boo,
They gotta see their boo,
Said the hearts all over the world tonight,
Hearts all over the world tonight"

Just singin a bit of Chris Brown for the devilishly handsome Mr. Boo...hope ur havin a great time down
enc said…
He's gorge. Simply gorge.

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