It's all about the Fear......

We parents of special needs kids are used to this feeling - fear. Fear about the future, what our kids will turn out like, where and what they will be when we pass from this mortal plane. Ireland is in crisis and we don't know how deep, but we do know that services for folks like us are in the firing line; it's all about the fear.


Skye said…
Oh not the Fear. It's everywhere I look at the moment, manifesting in so many depressing ways. I hope your Fears prove unfounded in this instance.
Sal said…
It's a scary time, in so many ways. Here's hoping our governments can keep their priorities straight. (Geez. How naive do I sound?)
Mrs. C said…
WOW what a video. She's absolutely right... hopefully in a sarcastic kinda way. :]

Have been thinking on these issues as well.
Nan P. said…
The end of massive consumerism with nothing left over for a compassionate society??? Hmmm... Indeed...

Or is it that compassion will reappear once money and useless earthly "things" have evaporated - once differences are somewhat leveled off?

We all have fears, big and small, phobias, worries, and concerns. For me: the next few months, surgery for Cathal. Once he goes through this, he can take on the world. And I'm in the queue right behind him! Better take a day or even a minute at a time, or I'd freak out!...

Every time I see this video, I wonder if it was inspired by the fiml "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola... THAT is some story of consumerism and it's down fall...
Hammie said…
Skye: I found it a little less opressive in Aus' but maybe that was because of the sunshine?? I am sure 40 degree heat and drought brings a little extra fear though.

Sal: Be naive. Being cynical just makes it worse. And at least you have Obama. Sure didnt he fly up and help that airbus land in the Hudson safely?

Mrs C: Lily Allen is all about sarcasm.(LDN) And she wants to smack Peaches Geldof too - I love her!

Nan: Sorry to hear that you and little C have ops lined up. I agree with one day at a time - see my post "one bite of the cookie"
pamela said…
Ah the fear, back in days of irresponsibility ie drinking too much we called it "the node" which was that hollow feeling in the core of your being that pulsated dread of nothing specific just everything. Yeah much worse when self abuse has nothing to do with it and the world is the cause!
Anyhoo welcome back, was the house standing on your return?
Hammie said…
Pamela: well barely! But that was because the builders were in installing steel beams to support our ATTIC!
jazzygal said…
Welcome home Hammie. Sorry to hear about your house. One NEVER thinks stuff like this can happen so unexpectedly.

Fear indeed.

Fear that support for the vulnerable in our society is the first thing to go in our critical economic state is a very real fear.

Fear that the Health budget will be further reduced.People who are sick or awaiting ops, like Nan P and Cathal (and my Aunt), shouldn't be made feel more vulnerable.

Fear that job losses or cuts in salaries will make it more difficult for us stay-at-home parents.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

But DON'T be afraid to be hopeful. We HAVE to retain some positivity. For the sake of our future. And more importantly, our children's future. xxx Jazzy
The Seeker said…
Well my dear I so agree with jazzygal.

(unfortunatly or fortunatly, I don't know, my co-workers gossip about my way of dressing and some disaprove it, but I'm not much worried about it)

Have a gorgeous weekend love

Nick McGivney said…
To hell with the Fear. I got my arse kicked so often last year that I had one of those foot measure charts tattooed on it, just to make it easier for the queue. I'm not listening to any more of it. Recession, depression, uncertainty... What we have is what we will ourselves to enjoy. There is no safety net for anyone, ever. Got lulled on that for a good while, but it's a big fat lie. We are here now, nobody owes us anything and we are either for each other and reaching a hand or we are going it a lonely alone. I've found more true and genuine inspiration from knowing you for five minutes than I have had working with the same people for fifteen dead-end years. You said some things that made me take certain stock. I can't possibly put it better than Benjamin Franklin: We must hang together, or assuredly we shall hang separately. Old Benny knew the score alright. And hey - happy weekend!
Make Do Style said…
Hammie - it'll be ok, compassion and community will count for more than consumerism in the end.
Mind you Lily Allen is one hell of a consumer - action and words hey!
This is something that has been on my mind recently too. The insanity of our over consumption seems to feed this fear. Too many are validated by what they have rather than what they are.
Hammie said…
Jazzy: the attic conversion is planned, but it was kind of cold when they took the ceiling out. Almost done now.
Seeker: Thankyou. I hope you and Jazzy are right - at the moment it just feels opressive.

ah Nick, now I'm all embarrassed!
Being a blogger inspires me daily and makes me feel free of what my otherwise be an anchor. I am glad it has helped you too.

Make Do: I wish they would hurry up and get back to compassion. We seem to have a missile fired at the vulnerable 3 times a day here in ireland.

Super K: I would like to see more conspicuous donating,(and less ebaying) girls like us who do thrift/vintage could be always be doing good for charity that way! Going to have a good cull when my attic is done and donate some nice things myself to get the karma rolling.
Anonymous said…
The saddest part is, that my first thought when the clip started was "jeez I want that caravan". Don't start worrying about things that havent happened yet, I mean be proactive but not about fear. Also I'd like to say everything Nick McGivney said.

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